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communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Obama and Romney Will Have People Like This in Charge of Your Healthcare

One of Obama's Healthcare Administrators

From His Book...
He Believes in Bestiality (Animals Can Consent), Infanticide, Non-Voluntary Euthanasia (i.e., Gov't Can Kill You), Animal Liberation, Vegetarianism, Anti-Chritianity and Utilitarianism.

Under Obamacare or Romneycare, We'll All Be Subject to Laws Written by Quacks Like Singer and Holdren.
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Viral CommieBlaster Video: Obamacare - Year 1 in Review

Latest News
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Obamacare Official Gets Ethics Waiver as Ex-Company Faces Scrutiny

After $73 Million, Hawaii's OCare Website Still Doesn't Work
CBO: Obamacare Reduces Incentive to Work 08.28.14
MD Health Exchange Under Review for Possible Fraud 08.27.14
Obamacare: Tax Money to Create Sex Freaks 08.25.14
Obama Defies SCOTUS Ruling with New Obamacare Rules 08.22.14
Substitute Teachers Hit by Obamacare Hour Cuts 08.22.14
Obamacare Tax May Slow Tax Refunds 08.21.14
60% of Dems Afraid of Being Dumped into Obamacare 08.20.14
US Won't Reveal Records on Health Website Security 08.20.14
Top HHS Obamacare Official: ‘Delete This Email’ 08.14.14
Fed Employees Union Says OCare Could 'Hurt' Members 08.14.14
ObamaCare Mistakes Sends Family into Massive Debt 08.14.14
Fraudulent OCare Subsidies will Cost Taxpayers $Billions 08.14.14
Union Hospital Cuts Staff Due to Union-Backed Obamacare 08.12.14
310,000 to Get Cut Off from Obamacare 08.12.14
CA Lawmakers Scramble to Help Patients Cut Off from Doctors by Obamacare 08.09.14
Oracle Sues Oregon Over Health Insurance Exchange 08.09.14
HHS Arguments in Obamacare Case Ignore New Evidence 08.09.14
Despite Obamacare Mandate, 13.4% Don’t Have Insurance 08.06.14
Doctors Begin to Refuse Obamacare Patients 08.05.14
Florida Insurance Rates Spike Under Obamacare...14-23% 08.05.14
ACA Requires Insurance Companies Enroll You in Plans Without Your Permission 08.05.14
Obamacare: Architect's 'Mistake' Court Defense 08.02.14
Barney Frank: Obama Lied to Everyone About Obamacare 08.02.14
Obamacare More Unpopular Than Ever 08.01.14
- CMS Official: Website will Still Experience “Bumps"
- CMS Official: Back End of Website Still Missing
- CA Insurance Commiss.: 'Affordable Care' Costs 55% More
The Astronomical Cost of the Obamacare Website 07.30.14
Aetna CEO: Obamacare Numbers Worse Than Expected 07.30.14
Obama Goes Around Congress — Again — to Illegally Expand Health Coverage for Federal Workers 07.28.14
New IRS Form Proves Obama Lied About Individual Mandate Tax 07.25.14
OCare Architect Validates "No Fed Subsidies" Court Ruling 07.25.14
Gov't to Ration Miracle Drug 07.25.14
Video: Obama's Prof Rips Obamacare's Odds of Survival 07.24.14
- 1 of 12 Fake Applicants Got Coverage in GAO Investigation
- GAO: Obamacare Extremely Suspectible to Fraud
- Woman Loses Coverage Despite Making Full Payments
- 35% of People Say OCare Makes Things Worse
...20% No
Senate Candidate Blasts Obamacare Reg with .50 Caliber 07.23.14
Obama Just Exempted US Territories from Obamacare 07.18.14
Obamacare: Tennesseans Face Massive Premium Hikes 07.17.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Lawless Obama to Ignore Ruling

Obamacare Contractor's Crony Award

Court: Obamacare Subsidies are Illegal

2nd Court Disagrees, Setting Up Supreme Court Case

‘Potentially Crippling Blow'

Could Impact Millions of People

Obama's Law Prof: 'I Wouldn't Bet' on Law's Survival

Judge Tosses Senator's Lawsuit Against Obamacare on Lack of Standing

Takes Man 3 Months to Cancel OCare

WH Bribing Insurance Companies to Keep Rates Down Before Midterms 07.16.14
ObamaCare Hits New Yorkers with 22% Premium Hike 07.15.14
Obamacare Misses Its Target on the Uninsured by Half 07.15.14
Obamacare's Electronic Health Records Ripe for Theft 07.14.14
Obamacare Exchange Glitch Drops Coverage for Thousands 07.11.14
Obamacare Mandate: Kids Mailed Contraceptive ID Cards Without Parental Consent 07.12.14
Boehner to Sue Obama Over OCare Employer Mandate 07.11.14
Obamacare Freak Show 07.08.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

85% of OCare ‘Inconsistencies’ Can’t Be Fixed

More Legal Challenges Coming

- ObamaCare Increasing ER Visits and Waits
- Couple has to Separate to Stay Insured
- 1,300 Pages of New Obamacare Regs on July 4th Eve
- Pushes Healthcare Providers to Examine Patients’ Spending Habits, Credit Cards

UK Systematically Denies Surgery to Seniors 07.05.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive


$5 Billion and Counting for Broken Obamacare Websites

Obamacare Contractor Pays People to Do Nothing

ObamaCare Contractor with 1,800 Employees Handles Only 30 Applications

Health Insurance CEO: ‘We Have to Break People Away from the Choice Habit'

82% Want Obamacare Repealed or Changed 07.03.14
Another Lie: 1.3 Million OCare Enrollees May Be Illegals 07.03.14
Insurance Firm Want Facial Recognition to Know How Long You'll Live 07.03.14
- Hacker Security Breach
- 2 Million People: Data Discrepancies
- HHS: 1.3 Million Enrollees May Not Be Legal Citizens
- Top 6 Reasons Obamacare is Illegal
- Primary-Care Doctor Shortages Will Get Worse
- Quizzing All Patients on Alcohol, Illegal Drugs
Doctor Lists Confusion Costly for Obamacare Fnrollees 06.29.14
ObamaCare Whistleblower Claims Retaliation 06.29.14
Hospice No Longer Accepts Patients Thanks to Obamacare 06.27.14
Failed Oregon Exchange Passing Out $650K in Bonuses 06.26.14
Family Doctor Faces Huge Obamacare Fines, Despite Attempts to Comply 06.26.14
Hospitals Begin Data-Mining Patients 06.26.14
Obamacare: 22 Million Enrollees Behind Schedule 06.24.14
Company that Created Obamacare Website Linked to Benghazi Video 06.20.14
UnitedHealth Insurance Exec to Lead Obamacare Effort 06.20.14
Obamacare Already in 'Financial Death Spiral' 06.19.14
Medicaid Made $14.4 Billion Improper Payments Last Year 06.19.14
Another Lie: Obamacare Increased 2014 Individual Market Premiums by Average of 49% 06.19.14
MI Hospice No Longer Accepting Patients Due to OCare 06.18.14
OCare Subsidies Already Make Obama's Projections a Lie 06.18.14
CHAOS! Up to 2 Million People to Be Questioned on Their Eligibility for Obamacare Subsidies 06.16.14
Study: Obamacare Costs Crippling Business 06.14.14
OCare Contractor Processed Only Fraction of Applications 06.13.14
Colorado Obamacare Clients Hit with Tax Increase to Make Up For a Budget Deficit 06.09.14
Obamacare Penalty to Hit 1 Million Low-Income Americans 06.09.14
Obamacare Taxes: Next Filing Season Could Be "One of the Most Chaotic in Years" 06.09.14
Voters -- Including 25% of Dems -- Regret ObamaCare, Say Country is Worse Off Under New Law 06.09.14
23 GOP Confirm HHS Secretary Who will Force Christians to Act Against Faith 06.09.14
More Patients Flocking to ERs Under Obamacare 06.09.14
Obamacare Mandate Disables CBO’s Ability to Project Law’s Budget Effects 06.06.14
First Case of Obamacare ID Theft 06.06.14
Obamacare: Watch Out, Here Comes “Predictive Modeling” 06.05.14
New Michigan Law Mandates “Private” Conversation with Child Without Parents Before Every Doctor Visit 06.05.14
Small Business Owner: ObamaCare 'Tragic,' 'Frightening,' 'Enraging' 06.05.14
CBO: 4,000,000 Americans to Pay Obamacare Tax 06.05.14
- More Double-Digit Premium Hikes
- 80,000 Forced to Re-Enroll
- Can't Track Fiscal Effects
- Coverage for 2 Million Jeopardized by Data Discrepancies
VA: 'Best Argument Against a Single-Payer System Ever' 05.31.14
80-90% of Employer Provided Insurance Will Disappear by 2025 05.30.14
New HHS Rule: Taxpayers have to Pay for Sex Changes 05.31.14
Hospitals Realizing Subsidized ObamaCare Patients Can't Pay Deductibles 05.31.14
Cancer Survivor Loses Doctor After Signing Up for Obamacare ...No Doctors for 400 Miles 05.31.14
IG: HHS Spent $120.6 Million on Medicare for Illegal Aliens 05.30.14
8 Biggest Obamacare Lies 05.29.14
Study: Obamacare will Increase the Number of Uninsured 05.29.14
Man Battling Cancer Denied Coverage By Anthem Blue Cross After Paying $100,000 in Premiums 05.29.14
Krauthammer: Obama ‘Deliberately’ Lied about Obamacare 05.28.14
Healthcare CEOs Paid the Most 05.28.14
IRS Bans Employers from Dumping Workers into Obamacare 05.27.14
Family Thought Obamacare was ‘the Answer’… Until They Found Out Their Plan ‘Doesn’t Even Work’ 05.27.14
Pelosi’s Fix for Obamacare? SINGLE PAYER 05.27.14
Obamacare Fan Who Got Shoutout from Obama Gets Screwed by Obamacare 05.26.14
Will: Gov't Can't Run Post Office, Amtrak – Why Should We Think It Can Run Healthare? 05.25.14
Obama Stops Monthly Obamacare Enrollment Reports 05.25.14
Only 28% Approve Obamacare 05.25.14
Long After Announced 'Resignation,' Ex-Cover Oregon Director Draws $14,425 Monthly Salary 05.24.14
Healthcare.Gov Website: $1 Billion and Counting 05.23.14
Man’s Premiums, Deductibles Skyrocket Due to Obamacare 05.23.14
Another Lie: Obamacare Spikes ER Visits Despite Promise 05.22.14
California Vet Can't Get Care Under Obamacare 05.22.14
Sick Vet Told Cancel His OCare Plan Due to Not Enough Doctors in Area 05.22.14
- Here Comes the Insurance Company Bailouts ...Video
- Woman Refused Medicine Because OCare Says She is a Man
- FBI Supbpoenas Oregon Health Authority
Nevada Dumping Its $72 Million Health Insurance Exchange 05.20.14
VA: 'Inconvenient Truth' for Socialized Medicine Proponents 05.19.14
Judicial Watch has Secret Report on Early Obamacare Enrollments 05.20.14
Obamacare "Paid to Do Nothing" Scandal Grows 05.20.14
Obamacare Website: Only 1 Enrollment on Day 1 05.19.14
UK’s Socialized Health Care System to Give Sex Change Drugs To Nine-Year-Olds 05.19.14
Obamacare Navigator was Convicted PLF Terrorist 05.18.14
Obamacare Contractor Paid Employees to Play Hangman Instead of Working 05.18.14
Citizenship in Question for 1 Million Obamacare Enrollees 05.18.14
Iowa Hospital Announces Layoffs Due to ObamaCare 05.16.14
Obamacare Political TV Ads Total Nearly $0.5 Billion 05.16.14
Obamacare Subsidies All Screwed Up 05.16.14
Obama Paves Way for Obamacare Bailout 05.16.14
Sebelius may be Next to Face House Contempt Proceedings 05.15.14
Obamacare Contractors Sleep, Play Pictionary at Work 05.15.14
MRC Files Lawsuit for Exemption from Obamacare’s Abortion-Drug Mandate 05.15.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
OCare Contractor: I was Paid to Act Like I was Working 05.14.14
Obamacare Exemptions for Unions 05.14.14
CT Family Loses ObamaCare Insurance Coverage Due to Glitch that Made Premiums More Expensive 05.14.14
Half of U.S. Doctors No Longer Accept Medicaid 05.13.14
FAIL! Only 12% Think Obamacare is a Success 05.12.14
Stopping White House from Hiding Insurance Rate Hikes 05.12.14
Obamacare's Abortion Mandate Coming Next 05.12.14
74% of Obamacare 'Enrollees' Already Had Insurance 05.11.14
Poor Won’t Keep Paying Obamacare Premiums 05.11.14
4 Obamacare Exchanges: $0.5 Billion Wasted 05.11.14
OCare Exchanges Failing: Oregon, Massachusetts, Maryland and Now Hawaii ...After Spending $10,000 per Enrollee 05.10.14
50 Million Waited Over a Week to See a Doctor in UK 05.10.14
NC Couple: Obamacare has Doubled Our Premiums 05.09.14
Massachusetts Obamacare Website a ‘Mess’ 05.09.14
Insurance Execs: MILLIONS of Health Plans to be Canceled ...Congress Told Obamacare Demanded Americans' Coverage be Slashed 05.08.14
Constitution's Silver Bullet Aimed at Obamacare 05.08.14
Obamacare: Lots of Duplicate Enrollments 05.07.14
Guess How Many Insurance Officials Raised Their Hands When Asked If Premiums Will Decrease by $2500 Like Obama Promised? 05.07.14
1 Obamacare Tax May Cost Up to 286,000 Jobs 05.07.14
Obamacare's a Killer for Nurses ...Everything Getting Worse 05.06.14
Hospital CEO: Obamacare Has Not Reduced ER Visits 05.06.14
Obamacare to Kick 90,000 in Nevada Off Their Insurance 05.05.14
FBI Investigating Oregon Obamacare Disaster 05.05.14
Massachusetts: RomneyCare Dead 05.05.14
Georgia Health Freedom Law Goes into Effect July 1 05.04.14
Only 28% of Sign-Ups are Young Adults 05.01.14
Paid Liar on Non-Paid OCare Enrollment Numbers: We Don't have Hard Numbers, but We Dispute Them 05.01.14
WH Paid Liar: Obamacare Drove Weak First Quarter GDP 04.30.14
Obamacare Only Two-Thirds Paid 04.30.14
60% Don't Believe Obamacare Enrollment Numbers 04.29.14
A Doctor's Declaration of Independence 04.29.14
Veteran Deaths at VA: 'This is Where Obamacare is Going' 04.29.14
Democrats Terrified at Answering: What Happened to Obama's Promised $2,500 Obamacare Savings? 04.27.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive


- 7.1 Million Enrollees a "Phony Number"
- Lies: 3.1 Million Young Adults Gained Insurance
- Hospital Lays off Employees Due to OCare
- Employers: $6,000 More Cost Per Employee
- First Class-Action Lawsuit
- Dems Still Running from OCare
- OCare Cuts Choices, Not Costs
- Obama Spent $0.7 Billion Promoting OCare
- O: Dems Should be Proud of Cancelling Plans
- Obama: Debate Over Repealing Law is Over
- People 'Don't Realize They've Received Benefits'
- Only 1/3 of Sign-Ups Previously Uninsured
- MD Officially Dumps $125 Million Website
- Majority of 'Enrollees' Already had Insurance
- Fallon Mocks ObamaCare Victory Lap

- Pelosi: Don't Measure by How Many Uninsured Get Insured

Sebelius Now Refusing to Testify Before Senate Panel 04.30.14
Only 8% Say Obamacare Lowered Costs 04.30.14
Obamacare to Target Recently Released Prisoners 04.30.14 Repairs: $121 Million; 'Back End' Still a Mess 04.30.14
Obamacare Destroying One-Doctor Medicine 04.28.14
Fake OCare Website Creates Illusion of Successful Signups 04.26.14
MSNBC Calls Cover Oregon Failure ‘Biggest Obamacare Train Wreck in the Entire Country’ 04.25.14
Aetna: 'On the Fly' Obamacare Changes Responsible for Half of 2015 Premium Jump 04.25.14
Feds Spent $26.2 Million on Medicare Advantage for Illegal Aliens 04.25.14
What Happened to Cover Oregon's $305 Million? 04.25.14
Obamacare Exchange 'Cover Oregon' Collapses in Failure 04.24.14
Ad: ‘The Real War on Women is Obamacare’ 04.24.14
Mary Landrieu (D-LA) Attacks Marine Who Says He had to Pay More Because of Obamacare 04.24.14
Obamacare Slashes Senior Home Health Care Services 04.24.14
"Obamacare Insurance Monolopies" Exist in VT and WV 04.24.14
Obamacare Sliding into Public Schools 04.24.14
- HHS Missed Over Half Their Deadlines
- Man Slams ‘Dishonest’ HHS Letter Forcing Him to Sign Up for Obamacare
Veterans Affairs Hospital Secret List Caused 40 Veterans to Die 04.23.14
Sebelius Stayed on Just Long Enough to Get Gov't Benefits 04.22.14
'Illegal Secrecy' Shields Obamacare Workers 04.22.14
Planned Parenthood Paid $58 for Every Person They Enroll in Obamacare 04.21.14
Rip-Off! HHS Pays $146.64/Month per User for Email for 70,000 Employees 04.21.14
1,000 Doctors Wrongly Placed on OCare Provider List 04.21.14
- Half of Georgia's Enrollees Haven't Paid Yet
- Dem Rep: OCare Taxes are "Going to Hit the Fan"
- MSNBC to Those Who Lost Insurance:
'Just Deal with That'

- Tax Preparers Paid Bounty for Every Obamacare Sign-Up
Rep Lynch (D-MA): Obamacare will Bury Democrats in 2014 04.20.14
Obamacare: 'Never Before has a Citizen been Required by a Chief Executive to Take the Life of Another' 04.19.14
"Medical Homelessness": OCare Patients Say They Can’t Find a Doctor 04.19.14
Obamacare: Judge Grants Temporary Injunction Against Abortion Mandate 04.19.14
Obamacare: Vulnerable to Heartbleed 04.19.14
HHS Moves to Ban Competing Insurance Plans 04.18.14
Obamacare Dumps Healthcare Coverage for Widows 04.17.14
Obamacare Dumps Brain Surgery Patient's Meds, Doctors 04.17.14
Obama Lies: 8 Million Obamacare Sign-Up 04.17.14
Vets to Form Human Barricade to Block New HHS Head 04.16.14
Liar Sebelius May Run for Senate 04.16.14
Sebelius Replacement's Office Approved 'Keep Your Plan' Lie of the Year 04.15.14
Daily Beast: Obamacare Making Doctors Miserable 04.15.14

Legal Challenge to Obamacare May Gut Law


US Census Changed to Mask OCare's Negative Effects


Obamacare Taxes: $185 Billion Over 10 Years

Feds Begin Fingerprinting 'High Risk' Medicare Providers and Suppliers 04.15.14
States Seeing Rates Jump by Over 50% Due to Obamacare 04.14.14
Complaint: HUD Illeglly Promoted Obamacare 04.14.14
Obamacare Forced: 93,000 Hospital Jobs Cuts in 2013 04.14.14
New HHS Head Ordered Closing of War Memorials 04.12.14
Valerie Jarrett on OCare: “We’re Always Going to Have Glitches" 04.11.14
After Sebelius, Vince Foster’s Trash Lady... Veteran of Bill Gates' Abortion Push 04.11.14
WRONG: Obama Thinks Sebelius Leaving to Take Heat Off 04.11.14
Fitting End … Sebelius Loses Last Page of Farewell Speech 04.11.14
CBS: ‘Remarkable’ Sebelius Wasn’t Fired Earlier 04.11.14
The Next HHS Communist Head 04.10.14
Canceling Obamcare Insurance as Hard as Signing Up 04.10.14
Lack of Young Signups Will Force Insurers to Raise Costs 04.10.14
2 New Studies Raise Red Flags on Obamacare 04.10.14
Medicare Pays Dem Donor Linked to Senate Scandals More than Any Other Doctor 04.10.14
Criminal Sebelius Releases Privacy-Protected Data 04.09.14
Obamacare Video: 1,800 NJ Children Lose Insurance 04.09.14
New Data Suggests Massive Medicare Fraud 04.09.14
23% Rate Obamacare a Success; 62% Think Repeal Likely 04.08.14
House RINOs Quietly Giving in to Obamacare 04.08.14
Obamacare "Origination Clause" Lawsuit 04.08.14
Health Care Premiums Skyrocket Under Liar Obama 04.08.14
Communist Rep Simena (D-AZ): You Can’t have Good Healthcare Without Higher Taxes 04.08.14
Obama to Spend $1.5 Billion on Obamacare Advertising 04.08.14
Jails Pushing Obamacare 04.07.14
Obama Lied to Public About Insurance Availability 04.05.14
NJ Obamacare Cancels 1,800 Childrens' Insurance Plans 04.07.14
Bill Kristol on Phony OCare Numbers: It’s Like Soviet Union 04.07.14
Jails Pushing Obamacare 04.07.14
NEXT OBAMACARE TIDAL WAVE: Vast Majority Unable to Purchase Individual, Renewable Health Insurance from Any Carrier -- No Matter How Sick They are -- Until January 1, 2015 04.06.14
GOP Helping Craft Obamacare 04.06.14
Superheroes Refuse to Sign Up for Obamacare 04.05.14
Californians Upset Over Lack of Doctors Under OCare 04.04.14
OCare Drives Up Insurance Costs for North Carolinians 04.04.14
Networks Say No to Obama Airing OCare TV Celebration 04.03.14
A Catastrophe Like No Other
- HHS Started OCare Applications Without Their Permission
- Radio Hosts After Losing Their Insurance: ‘I Don’t Know Why We’re Not Having a Revolution’ s
Maryland: 73,000 Lose Insurance, 60,000 Enroll
- Blue Cross Blue Shield: 20% of Enrollees Never Paid
- Gibbs Predicts Individual Mandate will be Dumped
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive


BUT ONLY 858,000 PAID!

- AP: Political Suicide for Dems to Run on OCare
- 'Facsimile of ObamaCare,' 'A Floating System'
- Deadline, What Deadline? Portal Still Open
- Paying Penalty Better Choice than OCare
- We Get to Pay for Insurance for 79% Enrolled
- Most Cancer Centers Aren't Covered
- Obamacare Site Failure Triggered ‘Chaos’
- Exchange Sends Deaf Callers to a Sex Hotline

Obama: Future Outages ‘Won’t Be News’ 04.01.14
Obama's 'Castro'-Like ObamaCare Presser 04.01.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive


Website Down
Website Crashes Again
Website Down for 8 Hours

Emanuel Applauds Website,
Then Is Told It's Down Again

Sebelius Speechless
After Told OCare Unpopular

Real Enrollment: 1.7% of Uninsured

Minnesota Exchange ‘Barely Breathing’
Signing Up Not So ‘Easy-Peasy’
Door-to-Door Obamacare Hawkers Arrested

LA Times Out-Lies Obama ...Claims 9.5 Million Signed Up 04.01.14
5 Reasons Why Obama's 7.1 Million Lie is Meaningless 04.01.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Planned Parenthood Founder on Abortion: ‘No Matter How Early...It Was Taking Life
Obamacare Lies



- Commie Reid: Delay Because People Dumb
- RINO Boehner: Is This a Joke?
- Nevada’s Criminal OCare Navigators
- "Wrong Insurance" Penalized 18X More Than No Insurance
- How to Escape the “Liberty Tax”

- OCare: 200 N.C. Teachers Lose Work Hours
- We'll Force You to Kill Your Grandchild
- History of Illegal Obamacare Delays

- Hobby Lobby Atty Schools MSNBC Host on Religious Freedom
- Obama Cooked Enrollment Numbers
- Maryland Scraps $125 Million Excange Website
- Undefined, Illegal Law
- Unknown Enforcement
- SNL Mocks
- 75% of Enrollees Paying More
- Enrollees Receive Pre-marked ("Dem") Voter Registration Cards
Rep. Blackburn on Obamacare Enrollment Numbers: 'They are Lying to Us' 03.28.14
- Obamacare Support at 26%
- Claim: 6 Mil Signed Up as 6.2 Mil Lose Insurance
- Sebelius Won't Rule Out More Obamacare Delays
- Nag Valerie Jarrett Putting OCare in Movie, TV Scripts

- Another $20 Mliion Wasted on
- Zero Covered Dentists within 100 Miles for Mandatory Plan
- RINO Scott Brown Refuses to Sign Anti-Obamacare Pledge
- Sebelius Lies: Obamacare Extension 'Is Not an Extension'
- Another Court Case Running in Parallel Could Kill OCare
- Hospitals Plot End of Insurance Companies

- AL Candidate Fires Gun Rounds into Obamacare
- Navigators Helping People Enroll at Mexican Consulates
- Few Blacks, Hispanics Enrolling
- Pope to Obama: Stop Trampling Religious Freedom
Obama Again Illegally Changes OCare Deadline to "Honor System" 03.25.14
3 Supreme Court Communist Agents Say Abort and Tax 03.25.14

- Hispanic Ignoring OCare
- Drudge Exposes Another ObamaCare Lie
- Hobby Lobby/50 Business's Contraceptive Case Goes to SCOTUS
- Supreme Court Deeply Skeptical of 'Abortion Mandate'
- Illegally Appointed Socialist Supremes Want to Burn Hobby Lobby
- Increased Taxes for Some Children

communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive


Pastor with Cancer: No Compassion in Affordable Care Act

Obamacare Leaves Man Owing $407,000 in Doctor Bills

Insurance Companies to Get $5.5 Billion in Bailouts in 2015

Obama Only Person Really Trying to Repeal Obamacare

Lawless Obama to Hispanics: We Won’t Deport Your Relatives, If You Enroll in Obamacare

Tea Party vs Lying CT Congressman Himes on ObamaCare 03.24.14
Socialist Healthcare: Babies Incinerated to Heat Hospitals 03.24.14
Obama Turns to Cat GIFs to Sell OCare 03.24.14
Of Course Gov't Knows Obamacare Enrollment Numbers 03.24.14
SCOTUS to Rule on Obamacare's Attack on Religion 03.23.14
ObamaCare Changed So Many Times Authors Don't Know What's in It 03.23.14
Obamacare Con Artists: Then Versus Now 03.23.14
USA Today DC Bureau Chief: ObamaCare Politically Toxic 03.23.14
Man’s Personal Info Stolen After Using Obamacare Website 03.22.14
Obama's $2,500 Savings Lie… Insurers Will See Double-Digit Obamacare Price Hikes in 2015 03.21.14
Oregon ObamaCare Director Resigns 03.20.14

- 50 States, 50 Victim's Stories

- OCare Town Hall: Both Parties Argue Over Who's to Blame, Where to Go

- ‘Most Massively Pro-Abortion Piece of Legislation’ Since Roe v. Wade

- Illegal: WH May Extend Deadline for Those ‘In Line’

- Half Callers to California’s OCare Exchange Can’t Get Through

- Dem: 'I Think You're Foolish if You Go on a Website' and Choose Healthcare

- Woman had to Pay for 2 Healthcare Plans After Trouble Disenrolling
Obot Editor Turns Angrily Against Obamacare 03.20.14
Latinos Souring on Obamacare 03.20.14

- $17 Million/Month Spent on Advertising ObamaCare
- No Check for Legal Authority Before Delaying Obamacare
- Oregon Obamacare: $305 Million for Nothing
- Obamacare Provider Knows When You're in the Bathroom
- Pelosi Scolds Reporter for Saying “Obamacare”
- Pelosi: 'Couldn't be Prouder' of O-Care Debacle
- Obama Begs Local News to Let Him Plead For Obamacare

Obamacare Patients Denied Access to Doctors, Hospitals, Cancer Centers 03.19.14
Obama Makes Insurance Company Bailout Bigger 03.19.14
New Emails: Sen. Udall (D-CO) Pressured State to Underreport OCare's Insurance Cancellations 03.19.14
Premiums Rising Faster than 8 Years Before Obamacare COMBINED 03.18.14
Illegal Obamacare Rule Change Lets Insurance Companies Keep More Profits, Pay Less for Care 03.18.14


Man’s Back Surgery Canceled, OCare Coverage Denied

4th GA Hospital Closes Due to Obamacare

3 Child Daycares Close Due to OCare Costs

Health Law's Impact has Only Begun

No One in Jimmy Kimmel’s Audience Says They’ve Signed Up for Obamacare
Unaffordable Healthcare Act: Rates up 39% - 56% 03.17.14
Govt Looking Vans Offering Free Obamacare in Spanish 03.17.14
Dem: VT’s Single-Payer Healthcare Plan Already Flatlined 03.17.14
New Illegal Obamacare Rule Lets Insurance Companies 'Modify' Plans to Cut Down on Cancellation Notices 03.17.14
1/3 OF Uninsured Intend to Stay That Way 03.17.14
Obama: Average Person Will Lose Their Doctors 03.17.14
Obama Spent $2.7 Trillion to Sign Up 4.2 Million People ...That's Over $0.6 Million per Person! 03.17.14
Spent $2.7 Trillion to Sign Up 4.2 Million People 03.16.14
Top 10 Reasons to Not Enroll in Obamacare 03.16.14
Obama's War on Outspoken Obamacare Victims 03.16.14
Whoa! NBC Calls Out “You Can Keep Your Doctor” Lie 03.16.14
Communist Obama Warns Youth: Sign Up for Obamacare or We will Fine You 03.15.14
Dem Sen. Stupak on OCare: Obama Doublecrossed Us 03.15.14
Cancer Survivor Recounts ObamaCare Nightmare 03.14.14
HHS Official Resigns, Writes Scathing Rebuke of Federal Bureaucracy 03.14.14
- Obama: You Might Lose Your Doctor
- Desparate: Cash Prizes for Signing Up
- Individual: Paid for Insurance, But No Coverage
- Company: Paid for Insurance, But No Coverage
Sebelius Won’t Promise No More Obamacare Delays 03.13.14
WH Illegally Delays Individual Mandate Until After the Midterms and the President Is Out of Office 03.13.14
Sebelius Lied to Congress: She Knows Who Paid for OCare 03.13.14
Democrats in Disarray on Obamacare 03.13.14
OCare Definitely NOT as Cheap as Cellphone/Cable Bill 03.13.14
WH: Sequester Cuts No Longer Applies to Part of OCare 03.13.14
Sebelius Finally Admits OCare will Raise Premiums 03.12.14
Obamacare Enrollment Down 18% in Feb; HHS: 'We Don't Think We Had a Decline' 03.12.14
Sebelius Gets into Cat Fight in Congress 03.12.14
HHS: We Lack 'Statutory Authority' to Extend Deadline to Sign Up for Obamacare...What About Other Illegal Changes? 03.12.14
Communist Liar Sebelius Tells Congress Individual Mandate Won’t Be Repealed – But It was Repealed Last Week 03.12.14
Seniors Explain What Obamacare has Done to Them 03.12.14
Obama Tells Guy: Cut Out His Telephone and Cable and Buy Obamacare 03.12.14
WH Still Won't Say How Many OCare Enrollees Have Paid 03.11.14
OCare Website Still Doesn't Work 03.11.14
2 State OCare Exchanges Under Federal Investigation 03.11.14
Communist Rep. Gutierrez Sings to Avoid OCare Questions 03.11.14

- Oakland Airport Vendors Levy Obamacare Surcharge
- Raising Costs for School Districts
- Illinois Woman: Obamacare Plans ‘Unaffordable’
- Man Owes $1,800 After Hospital Refuses OCare Plan
- Leaves Man with $100K+ in Hospital Bills
- Another Insurance Company Bailout Expected in 2015

CRONYISM: Obamacare Tax Break for Unions 03.10.14
Noonan: ‘Is There Still an ObamaCare Law?’ 03.10.14
More Ininsured Now than Before Obamacare 03.10.14
RNC Building List of Who Lost Insurance due to OCare 03.09.14
Union: Obamacare Slash Wages by Up to $5 an Hour 03.09.14
Major Union Launches Campaign Against ObamaCare 03.09.14
Obama Surgeon General Pick Wants Doctors to Ask Patients About Guns in Home – Include Info in Obamacare 03.08.14
Obama's Surgeon General Nominee Says Banning Guns Is Part of Medicine 03.08.14
Ha! MSNBC Totally Unable to Spin Obamacare 03.07.14
Obamacare Website Lets Adult Man Unknowingly Purchase Worthless Child’s Plan 03.07.14
Obamacare Blocks Patients from Paying for Treatment 03.06.14
Number Who Say Obamacare Helped Them: Falls to 10% 03.06.14
Law Breaker Obama Promises Illegal Aliens: Obamacare Sign Up Info Won’t Be Used for Deportation 03.06.14
Bill Passes by 90 Votes to Make Fine $0 for Violating Individual Mandate 03.06.14
Top Obamacare Architect Resigns 03.06.14
Few Uninsured Signing Up for Obamacare 03.06.14
Obama: Yeah, I’ll Probably Keep Illegally Changing Obamacare 03.06.14
Communist Atheist Usurper's Wife to Obamacare Counselors: ‘You Are Doing God’s Work’ 03.06.14
Obamacare Limiting Lifeguard Hours 03.06.14
HHS: 60K Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Children will be Caught in ’14; Up 815% in 3 Years 03.06.14
Zeke Emmanuel: Obama's Latest Obamacare Delay is a 'Political Game' and Says It will Make Costs Rise 03.05.14
Obamacare Architect: 'You Don't Need a Doctor' 03.05.14
HHS: $1.8 Billion to Run OCare Website for 1 Year 03.05.14
Medical Codes to Explode from 17,000 to 155,000 03.05.14
MORE LAWLESSNESS – Obama Gives “Non-Obamacare Plans” Another Two-Year Reprieve 03.05.14
Georgia House Votes to Nullify Obamacare 03.04.14

- 36th Illegal Delay Helps Dems Win 2014 Elections
- Oregon Paying Another $44 Million for Broken Web Site
- Anti-Obamacare Cancer Patient Defies Legal Threats
- Obamacare Forces Funding of Death
- OCare Architect: “Insurance Companies as We Know Them are About to Die”

33% of Americans Already Personally Hurt by Obamacare 03.03.14
Oregon “Accidentally” Enrolls 4,000 Illegal Aliens in OCare 03.03.14
Cruz: ‘I Am Absolutely Convinced We are Going to Repeal Every Single Word of Obamacare’ 02.28.14
House to Vote for 1-Year individual Mandate Delay 02.28.14
Obamacare Victim's Mom Demands Apology from Reid 02.28.14
TIME: Obama Responsible for Botched ObamaCare Rollout 02.27.14
Communist DC Mayor Forcing Insurance Companies to Cover Transsexual Operations 02.27.14
Obamacare Enrollees Finding it Impossible to Cancel Plans 02.27.14
Obamacare Navigator: Convicted Terrorist 02.27.14
Obamacare Surcharge Now On Many Restaurant Bills 02.27.14
Orthodontist Sues Against Obamacare Executive Orders 02.26.14
Obama Mocks GOP, Then Tells Supporters They are Doing 'God's Work' Pushing ObamaCare 02.26.14
56% of Uninsured View Obamacare Unfavorably 02.26.14
Sen. Hagan (D-NC) Runs from Obamacare Question 02.25.14
Obamacare Medical Device Tax Killed 33,000 Jobs 02.25.14
Communist Liar Harry Reid Denies All Obamacare 'Horror Stories', Says 'All Are Untrue' 02.26.14
Obamacare Facing a Consumer Rebellion 02.26.14
Rhode Island Obamacare Exchange Failing 02.26.14
Watch Dem Attempt to Explain Obamacare Lies 02.26.14
Ex-CBO Director: Obamacare is a Job Killer 02.24.14
Dozens of Democrats Inch Away from Obamacare 02.22.14
Dems File Charges to Get Truthful OCare Ad Taken Off Air 02.22.14
Obamacare Deadlines Don’t Stick, Probably Never Will 02.21.14
Con Artists Love Obamacare 02.21.14
Convicts Enrolling in Obamacare 02.21.14
Dem Senator on OCare: 'I will Vote Tomorrow to Repeal' 02.21.14
25 Charged in Largest D.C. Healthcare Fraud Bust 02.20.14
Ex-CBO Chief: OCare's Work Disincentive ‘Exactly the Same’ as Welfare’s 02.20.14
Dem Rep: 'We Have to Be Flexible' on Insurance Bailout 02.20.14
Report: We’ve Suffered Massive Obamacare Job Losses 02.20.14
CA OCare Launches Ad Campaign, Website Crashes 02.20.14
OCare: CA Enrollees Mad about Limited Doctor Choices 02.20.14
Pro-Obamacare, GOP RINO Forces Line Up Against GOP Candidate ...Ocare is a Law Because the GOP Wants It 02.20.14
OCare: Obama Bullies Small Employers with Bogus Perjury Charges, Threat of Prison Time 02.20.14
Senate Dems: Why Didn’t Someone Tell Us Obamacare Would Cut Medicare? 02.20.14
OCare: 98% of D.C.'s 'Small Business' Exchange Enrollees Work for Congress 02.20.14
Biden: Obamacare will Miss Enrollment Target 02.20.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Maryland May Ditch Glitch-Filled Website

Sebelius Excuses Sloppy Spanish Website

Hawaii Site: 3,614 Sign Up @ $56,000 Apiece

CA Bill: Obamacare for Illegal Aliens

Uproar Over Obamacare’s Menu Rules

Obama Lying on Enrollment Numbers

Sebelius: 'Absolutely No Evidence' Obamacare will Kill Jobs
OCare: Here Comes the Insurance Company Bailouts 02.18.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Obamacare Crime

CO Health-Exchange Director Indicted for Fraud, Theft

Call for GAO Audit of Oregon Health Exchange Failure

Texas Doctors Flee Obamacare
Obama: Signing Up for OCare is 'Just Part of Growing Up' 02.17.14
OCare for Multiple Sclerosis Patients: $62,000 for Meds 02.15.14
Preexisting Conditions: Work 2nd Job for Obamacare 02.15.14
OCare Website Down on 'National Youth Enrollment Day' 02.15.14
Obama Funded by Medicare/Medicaid Fraudster 02.14.14
YOU LIE! Obamacare Recruiting Illegals in California 02.14.14
Dem on OCare: Americans Working Fewer Hours an ‘Exciting Prospect’ 02.14.14
OCare: Californians Mad They Can't Keep Their Doctors 02.14.14
OCare Stats are a Disaster 02.14.14
OCare Enrollment Slows, No Idea How Many Enrolled 02.13.14
Obama Lied About Knowing Nothing about OCare Rollout 02.13.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Emporer Obama Delays Employer Health Insurance Mandate 1 Year
...Puts It Off Until After Mid-Term Elections

Obama Edict Clealy Violates Plain Language of ACA Law

Usurper Obama: 'I Can Do Whatever I Want'

Rewriting Law On a Whim

Gives Corporations Break, Not People or Families

Family Can’t Afford Kids Insurance Due to Obamacare

OCare Gym Membership Tax

GOP Proposes OCare Alternative
Krauthammer on O-Care: “This Law Doesn’t Exist; It Exists in Obama’s Head” 02.12.14
Hitler Finds Out The Truth About Obamacare 02.12.14
- Dems Running Ads Against Obamacare
- Sick Kds Losing Access to Doctors Due to Obamacare
- FUTURE: UK Girl Denied Surgery Due to Budget Cuts
- FUTURE: Belgium OKs Euthanasia of Children
Krauthammer: “Banana Republic is an Understatement” 02.11.14
Rep Introduces Bill for States to Opt Out of Obamacare 02.11.14
- HIV/AIDS Patients May Get Shut Out of Obamacare
- Why I'm Getting Sick of Defending Obamacare
- Doctors Shocked They're on the OCare Provider List
- Website Down 2.5 Days Prior to Last Sign Up Day
- Communist Sen. Durbin Lies Big on OCare Enrollment
- Obama: Thanks to OCare, Women Can Work on Farms
- Thought Police: Firms Must Swear OCare Not a Factor in Firings
Lawless Obama Rewrites ObamaCare 02.10.14
Avalanche of OCare Regulations Still to Come 02.10.14
Children’s Hospital Sues State Over Obamacare's Lie 02.10.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive


CBO: Obamacare ‘Creates a Disincentive for People to Work’

Should be Called ObamaCouldn'tCareLess

Latest Cyber Threat: Embeded Russian Code

Man's Info Stolen After Using Website

O-Care Turning Cancer Patients Away

1-1.8 Million People Now on Medicaid Because of Obamacare
OCARE: AIDS Patients in Limbo as Insurers Reject Claims 02.09.14
Rand Paul Stupidly Asks: When Will Obama Start Caring? 02.07.14
Obamacare: 43 Million to Lose Coverage 02.07.14
Texas Couple Calls Obamacare Options ‘Insane’ 02.07.14
State Orders Release of O-Care Worker Records 02.07.14
Jay Leno’s Parting Shot: “The Worst Thing About Retiring is Signing Up for Obamacare” 02.07.14
Emperor Obama Considering 3-Year Extension of His Decree Allowing People to Keep Their Health Plans 02.06.14
Even Commies at the ‘View’ Shocked by Dire ObamaCare News: Is It the ‘End’ of the Law? 02.06.14
O-Care Questionnaire Lists “Singaporean” as a Race 02.06.14
Hospital Forced to Turn Away Stage-Four Cancer Patient Because He has Obamacare 02.06.14
Substitute Teacher Shortages Due to O-Care 02.06.14
Obamacare will Cost AOL $7.1 Million 02.06.14
Go to Jail, Get Obamacare 02.06.14
CBO Director: Obamacare will Reduce Workers’ Wages 02.05.14
WH Spin: O-Care will Save People 'Trapped in a Job' 02.05.14
Failed Obamacare Contractor Gets 6 More Gov't Contract Awards 02.05.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Triples Working Hours Lost by 2021

Communist Senator Reid: Doesn’t Cost Jobs, Means 2.3 Million “Free Agents”

Obamacare Causing Local TN Businesses to Stop Growing

Suicides will Skyrocket Due to O-Care

Oregon Obamacare Officials Lied to Get Fed Money, Used Dummy Web Pages

Cover Oregon Mismanaged Tens of $Millions of Taxpayer Dollars

Fry Cook Tells Obama O-Care Cost Him His Full-Time Job

Tax Money for Dog and Cat Ads
O-Care Website Partly Built by Communist Dictatorship 02.04.14
White House to Those ObamaCare Forced Into Part-Time Work: Good News, You Have More Choices 02.04.14
Pelosi, Obama Lied About Obamacare Creating Jobs 02.04.14
Obamacare Destroying Real People's Lives 02.04.14
CA O-Care: Patients Can't Find In-Network Doctors 02.04.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Obamacare Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

Dem Senator: Pay More, Keep Your Doc

Man Enrolls After 3,000 Attempts

22,000 Can't Correct O-Care Errors

Doctor: Obamacare is a Disaster

Doctor: I Will Not Comply
ObamaCare Begins Killing People 02.03.14
White House Writes NFL Players’ Pro-Obamacare Tweets 02.03.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

RINOs Bringing Out Their Alternative ...We'll Have to Pass It to Find Out What's in It

Secret Abortion Fees Found in Obamacare Premiums

Patients Lose Doctor, Can't Get Prescriptions

Blue Cross Cuts Health Benefits for NC Gay Couples

CA: Only 1/3rd have Regained Insurance Lost

Children Unable to be Included in Parents’ Plans
Ex-Clinton Aide: Dems Must Admit They 'Screwed Up' on O-Care 02.01.14
Labor Unions: Obama Betrayed Them with Obamacare 02.01.14
$Billion+ Spent in CA on Implementing Obamacare 02.01.14
Generic Drug Prices Soaring Due to Obamacare 02.01.14
$1.4 Million for Flaming Faggot Obamacare Ad 01.31.14
O’Keefe: Numerous Obama National Organizers Caught on Tape Committing Voter Fraud 01.31.14
Obamacare Creates Unconstitutional Obama Army 01.31.14
Obamacare's New Glut of Harmful Regulations 01.31.14
Sick Kids Denied Specialty Care Due to Obamacare 01.31.14
20% of Obamacare 'Enrollees' About to Lose Insurance 01.31.14
O-Care Increasing Mayo Clinic Worker Insurance Costs 01.31.14
COMEDY GOLD! Jon Stewart Laughs in Pelosi’s Face After She Can’t Explain Why O-Care Website Failed 01.31.14
Watch Business Employees Learn
How Obamacare Affects Them
Most Uninsured Don't Like Obamacare 01.30.14
Cruz: 'I Believe We will Repeal Obamacare' 01.30.14
CA: 43 Convicted Criminals are Obamacare Navigators 01.29.14
GOP Wants to Reform, Not Repeal Obamacare 01.28.14
Senator Loses His Cancer Doctor Due to Obamacare 01.28.14
Tennesseans Losing Their Doctors Due to Obamacare 01.28.14
RINO's to Propose Their Own Version of Obamacare 01.27.14
Communist Rep. Jim Moran Retires, Slams Obamacare 01.27.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Oregon's Incompetent Healthcare Head Resigns

18,000 West Virginia Residents Forced To Re-Enroll In Obamacare

Walgreens, WalMart Suck Up to Obama

Watch NBC Admit Obamacare is a Failure

Doctor's Office Spends 2 Hours On Hold with Insurer for Surgery Authorization, Before Giving Up

Crap Hits the Fan Next Week

Proof Liar Obama Knew All Along Insurance Plans would be Cancelled

Obama Lied by Saying ACA Would Respect Pro-Life Americans… Now He’s Demanding Nuns Pay for Birth Control

Bungle of Joy: Can’t Handle Newborn Info

Mother of 5 has “The Worst Case of The Glitch” They’ve Ever Seen
ABC Grills Paid Liar: Will ObamaCare Have Been Worth It if Dems Lose the Senate? 01.26.14
Hobby Lobby Explains Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby 01.25.14
SCOTUS Grants Temporary Reprieve from Contraceptive Mandate 01.24.14
UK says If You're Over 75 with Cancer, Die 01.24.14
HHS Lies About Number Enrolled in Obamacare 01.24.14
Only 36% Support Obamacare 01.23.14
Moody's Downgrades Healthcare Sector, Citing O-Care 01.23.14
Obamacare So Flawed It could Bankrupt Insurance Firms 01.23.14
2 Years Needed to Fix Minnesota's Obamacare Exchange 01.22.14
Hundreds in Ohio Lose Their Doctor Due to Obamacare 01.22.14
CEO: Aetna could be Forced Out of Obamacare 01.22.14
10% of Swedes Buy Private Insurance to Skip Long Lines 01.22.14
Target Drops Health Insurance for Part-Time Workers Due to Obamacare 01.21.14
20% of Obamacare 'Enrollees' to be Axed for Not Paying
Hacker Cracked Obamacare Site in 4 Minutes 01.21.14
After Wasting $200 Million, Oregon’s Obamacare Exchange Hasn’t Enrolled a Single Person 01.21.14
Obamacare at ‘Significant’ Risk of ‘Death Spiral’ 01.20.14
Connecticut Obamacare Navigator has Felony Conviction 01.20.14
Obamacare Conversion Rate: Under 5% …Those Paid Less 01.20.14
Woman Spent 6 Weeks Trying to Get Out of Obamacare Insurance 01.20.14
Vast Majority of O-Care Enrollees Already Had Insurance 01.18.14
Cruz: 100s of Millions, Economy Harmed by Obamacare and What Have Senate Dems Done? NOTHING! 01.17.14
Your Tax Dollars at Work… Flaming Faggot Richard Simmons’ Bizarre Dance-Off for Obamacare 01.17.14
County Dumps Convicts on Obamacare 01.17.14
ObamaCare Website Security “Much Worse Off” Now 01.19.14
42,000 Canadians Fled Socialized Healthcare Last Year 01.17.14
Obamacare Payment System Not Fixed, Not Sure When 01.16.14
- Gov't Doesn't Know Who Paid and is Truly Enrolled
- Oregon Health Exchange's Complete and Total Failure
- 50 New O-Care Regs Coming in 2014
- Still Massive Security Risk
- Sebelius to Consumers: "Get in Line"
- Dems Running Ads Against Obamacare
- 14% of O-Care Navigators on Federal Crime Database
Doctor Selling Death Panels 01.15.14
Jimmy Kimmel Savages ObamaCare ...and Uninformed Young People Who Support It 01.15.14
Ads Attacking Health Law Stagger Outspent Democrats 01.15.14
WH Illegally Delays Another Obamacare Deadline 01.14.14
Dem Senator Forced Officials to Cook Obamacare Books 01.14.14
ABC: New Worries Over Expensive O-Care Premiums 01.14.14
CBS: Young Americans are Not Enrolling in Obamacare 01.14.14
Obamacare Not Affordable Without Gov't Subsidies 01.14.14
Don’t Let Obamacare Kill Brick Williams 01.14.14
White House Hosting Conference Call with the Lone Person Signed Who Won't Complain about Obamacare 01.14.14
Insurers to Get a Bail-Out for Obamacare's Total Failure, Reimbursement for Up to 80% of Losses 01.13.14
Spanish Obamacare Site Written in Spanglish 01.13.14
3 Months After Launch Oregon O-Care Site Still Broken 01.13.14
Obama Changes Law Again Volunteer Fire Depts Exempt 01.13.14
Obamacare Unsustainable in Hawaii ...$100 Million Wasted 01.12.14
Obama Brings in Enron Fraud Partner to Fix O-Care Site 01.12.14
Obamacare Enrollees Slow to Pay ...Not Really Enrolled 01.12.14
Obamacare Approval Now at Record Low 01.12.14
Disabled Family’s Healthcare Costs Triple Under Obamacare 01.11.14
Small Town Doctor Battered: First by Communist China Offsourcing, Then by Obamacare -- His 1st Employee Lay-Off in 30 Years Due to Skyrocketing Insurance Costs 01.11.14
GOP Lawmaker Receives Obamacare Rejection Notice 01.11.14
National Radio Host Gets Cancellation Insurance Letter 01.11.14
Over 6 Million have Lost Insurance Due to Obamacare 01.11.14
Obamacare Costs 2X - 6X the Cost of Walmart's Plan 01.10.14
OBAMACARE: Out Goes 1 Crooked Contractor, In Goes Another 01.10.14
Dem Senator Udall's Staff Caught Intimidating Agency Over Obamacare Cancellation Numbers 01.10.14
House Passes Bill Requiring Obamacare Security ...112 Dems Vote "No" 01.10.14
Obamacare Bombshell! No One, No Company is REQUIRED to Participate in Obamacare! 01.10.14
Obama Opposes Obamacare Transparency Bills 01.09.14
Obamacare: Insurer Missing Records of Enrollees 01.09.14
Obamacare is a Senior Citizen Eugenics Program 01.08.14
Why John Roberts (Likely) is Protecting Obamacare 01.08.14
Dems Cannibalize Each Other Over Obamacare 01.08.14
Gates Blisters Obama with Tales of His Buffoonery 01.08.14
Nullifying Obamacare 01.07.14
IL Conceal Carry Applicants Surge Past O-care Enrollees 01.07.14
Matt Drudge: I’ve Opted Out of Obamacare for Life 01.07.14
Walmart Health Plan Cheaper, Superior to Obamacare 01.07.14
Even Doctors Don’t Understand ObamaCare ...But Know Everyone Gets Paid Less 01.07.14
Obamacare Transparency Bill Set for Friday Vote 01.07.14
Two Thirds of 2013 Gov't Waste, Fraud Came from HHS 01.05.14
Sen. Ron Johnson to Sue King Obama Over Illegal Healthcare Subsidies for Congress 01.06.14
All-Time High Oppose ObamaCare 01.06.14
O-Care Failure: 100,000 Signed-Up are Uninsured 01.06.14
GOP to Force Obama to Reveal ObamaCare Numbers 01.05.14
Rand Paul BLASTS ObamaCare – Doesn't Know If His Family is Cover, Son Wrongly Sent Medicaid Card (Video) 01.05.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Fed Judge Blocks Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate

DEATH PANEL: Obama Slashed $Billion in Home Health Care for Millions of Poor and Sick

Obama Busy Selling Obamacare to Gay Clubs

57% of Young People Disapprove of Obamacare

Dem Senator: Obamacare could have 'Meltdown'

White House will Come Asking for Bail Out of Insurance Companies After Ruining Them
Obamacare Confusion Reigns: Frustrated Patients Walk Out of Hospitals Without Treatment 01.02.14
None of New York’s 11,000 Independent Businesses has Lower Health Care Costs Under Obamacare 01.02.14
Study: WH Lied... Obamacare to Increase Emergency Room Costs, Not Decrease Them 01.02.14
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

More Catastrophes To Come
Healthcare Employees Not Getting Paid

More People Lose Insurance Than Enroll

People Still Can't Enroll

Bureaucrats to Dictate How Doctors Practice Medicine

Ex-Obamacare Cheerleader Can't Afford New Premiums

WH Still Pushing Lie of the Year

Big Losers: Small Businesses, Doctors, Seniors

Millions of Young Refusing to Enroll
HHS Improperly Spent $65 Billion on Waste, Errors, Fraud 01.02.14
Obamacare "Success Stories" are Astroturfed 01.01.14
Sebelius Refuses to Release Number Enrolled in O-Care 12.31.13
Justice Sotomayor Blocks HHS from Enforcing Contraception Mandate 12.31.13
WH Lies about Promising 7 Million Obamacare Signups 12.31.13
Half of Obamacare 'Enrollees' Haven't Paid ...Not Enrolled 12.31.13
NBC’s Chief Medical Editor Wants Socialist Single Payer 12.31.13
Daily Beast: Lack of Meetings Between Obama, Sebelius 'Frightening' ...Sebelius Must Resign 12.30.13
We've Only Yet Seen the Tip of the Obamacare Iceberg 12.30.13
The Obamacare Small Business Tax 12.30.13
Missouri Bill will Gut ObamaCare 12.29.13
Even MSNBC Commies Mock O-Care's Disaster Roll-Out 12.28.13
Obamacare's Net Result: 4 Million Without Insurance 12.28.13
Iowa: All 16,000 Obamacare Applicants Must Reapply 12.28.13
CT: Health Plans Must Cover Sex Changes for Freaks 12.28.13
State O-Care Exchanges Halt Payments for 'Substandard, Messed-Up' Websites Built by's Contractor 12.28.13
Obamacare Killing Businesses 12.27.13
New Obamacare Deadlines Creating Chaos at State Level 12.27.13
'After Month of Trying, I Still Can't Sign Up' 12.27.13
New Obamacare Taxes Coming Next Week 12.26.13
8 Ways to Opt Out of Obamacare 12.25.13
Study: Affordable Care Act is Unaffordable 12.24.13
Obamacare May Make It 'Literally Impossible' for People in US Territories to Buy Health Insurance 12.24.13 Still Crashing a Lot 12.24.13
Planned Parenthood Gets $350K Grant to Enroll People in Obamacare 12.24.13
Liar Obama Claims to have Enrolled in O-Care ...If True, Wait Until His Info is Hacked 12.23.13
Aide Supposedly Enrolled Obama ...Gave Aide All His Most Personal Data?? Oh, Yeah, It's Forged! 12.23.13
King Obama Illegally Extends O-Care Deadline 12.23.13
Obama's Kids, Wife Will NOT Enroll in O-Care 12.23.13
CNN Poll: Obama Losing His Own Base Over Obamacare 12.23.13
Walmart's Creepy Robo Obamacare Doctor Kiosk ..."With the HOPE that People will Get the Healthcare They Need" 12.23.13
Only 10% of Obamacare "Enrollees" have Actually Paid 12.23.13
8 in 10 Likely Voters Blame Dems for Health Insurance Cancellations 12.22.13
Obamacare Reality: You CAN'T See a Doctor 12.22.13
Obamacare May Cause It's First Death 12.21.13
1 in 4 Voters Know Someone Who's Lost Insurance Under Obamacare 12.21.13
Oregon's Health Exchange: Find Insurance Elsewhere 12.21.13
2 New High Security Risk Found after O-Care Site Launch ...Sebelius Lied to Congress About Not Being Informed 12.20.13
Obama Continues to Unilaterally Rewrite Obamacare Law Again and Again 12.19.13
Thousands in Illinois Told to Reapply for Obamacare 12.19.13
More People Believe in Bigfoot than Those that Believe Obamacare will Improve Healthcare 12.19.13
Team Obama Knew of 19 Significant Public Data Security Risks Before Deciding to Launch 12.19.13
Obamacare Provision Allows Gov't to Loot Your Estate After You Die 12.19.13
Obamacare Restricts Freedom of Travel 12.19.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Falling Apart Before Our Eyes

Obama Repeals ObamaCare
Obama Admitted in 2010 that 8-9 Million Would Lose Insurance – Then Went Out and Lied About It (video) 12.18.13
Blue Cross NJ: “Gov't Told Us You Can’t Keep Your Policy” 12.18.13
Poll" Only 15% Believe Obamacare will Help Them 12.18.13
Pregnant Woman Unable to Enroll in O-Care after HHS Loses Her Application Three Times 12.18.13
- The Case That Could Topple Obamacare
- Every Dem Should be Scared’ of this Obamacare Ad
- Gay Obama Calls in Drag Queen Faggots for Support
- Gay Obama Launches Flaming Faggot O-Care Ad
- Hidden O-Care Tax: Another $100-$500 a Year
- Whole Foods CEO: O-Care Hurting Our Employees
- Obama Picks Fired Husband of Dem Congresswoman to Fix
Rep to Sebelius: Prove You Met with Obama on O-care 12.17.13
- White House Refuses to Tell Young Enrollment Numbers
- Sebelius: Yes, You'll Pay More for Health Insurance
- Under 800 Delaware Residents Have Enrolled
- 45 States Still Under 10% of Enrollment Goals
- Ex-Microsoft Exec to Run
- Tech Experts: Could've Done It for $1Million and Pizza
- 'Obamacare ‘Navigators’ Encouraging Tax Fraud
- 11% of Employer-Based Insurance Plans 'Discontinued'
- Obamacare 'Ineptness' Puts Lives at Risk
- Senator's Wife Describes Website Fiasco
- Only 4% Believe Obamacare is Working Well
- "Ignorant" HHS Seeks Media Help
- Obama Asks Private Company Spy Partners to Help
- WH Won't Say When Obama will Sign Up for O-care
House Report: Ill-Trained Obamacare Navigators Encouraging Fraud, Jeopardizing Private Info 12.15.13
Govt' Takeover of Healthcare Insurers 12.15.13
Obamacare Pushing Puerto Rico Further into Social Welfare State 12.14.13
Obamacare: Thousands Uninsured, But Don't Know It 12.14.13
Thousands of Doctors Being Dropped from Obamacare Coverage Networks 12.13.13
‘Vast Majority’ (50-60K) of Exchange’s Paper-Application Responses Piled Up -- Computer System Not Working 12.13.13
Insurance Companies Now White House Lackeys 12.13.13
Sebelius Ducks Questions about PolitiFact's 'Lie of the Year' 12.13.13
HHS Asks Insurance Companies to Ignore 3 Major Obamacare Rules 12.13.13
Sebelius Ducks Questions about PolitiFact's 'Lie of the Year' 12.13.13
Obamacare Enrollment Light -- in States with Working Exchanges! 12.13.13
Cancer Patient: 2 Months of Trying, 10 Navigators ater, Still Not Enrolled in Obamacare 12.13.13
WA State Health Exchange Erroneously Taking Money from People’s Bank Accounts 12.13.13
- 'Sexiest Man Alive' Brought in to 'Boost' Enrollment
- HHS Illegally Extends Deadlines
- Insurers Pressured to Give Coverage Before Payment
- The Terrorists, Socialists, Con Men Behind ObamaCare

- CT Exchange Gave Wrong Info for Every Single Plan
- Pelosi Says Embrace the Suck
- $58 Million to Hire More Crooked Obamacare Navigators
- Sebelius: People Who Lost Plans ‘Thrilled with the Choices Now Available to Them’
- Sebelius Won't Give Congress List of Obamacare Plans That Don't Cover Abortion
After 3 Months, 50 Calls, Man Gives Up on Buying via 12.12.13
13 Lost Insurance for Every Person Buying an ObamaCare 12.12.13
Obamacare Trainwreck Occurs in January 12.12.13
Issa to Sebelius: Telling Contractors to Stonewall Congress is 'Criminal Obstruction'

Oregon Enrollees: 44 People

Illinois Enrollees: 7,000 People

HHS Claim: 365,000 People Enrolled, Far Short of 7 Million Goal

Reality: As Few as 18,000 of the 365,000 Claimed may Actually be Fully Enrolled

5th Obamacare Navigator Fired for Telling People to Lie, Break Law

Missouri School District Hit with $150,000 Bill for Obamacare

Sebelius Asks for Investigation of Own Botched Website

Sebelius Sued over Abortion Mandate ...Abortion Inclusion is Another Obama Lie

2 Most Notable Moments from Sebelius Hearing Include Shouting, ‘Freedom’
Please Pray for Me… I am Losing My Insurance 12.11.13
You Won’t Believe What This Insurance Company did Because of Obamacare 12.11.13
Obamacare is Biggest Case of Consumer Fraud Ever 12.11.13
Medicine Unaffordable Under Obamacare 12.11.13
White House's Obamacare Panic Play 12.11.13
South Carolina Poised to Nullify Obamacare 12.11.13
Oregon’s O-Care Exchange Board Sleeps During Meeting 12.11.13
Only 574 People Signed Up for Obamacare in Hawaii 12.11.13
HHS Spending $56 Million to ‘Bolster’ Healthcare Workforce as Obamacare Causes Doctor Shortages 12.11.13
Kentucky Doctor Closes 20-Yr Practice Due to Obamacare 12.11.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Cheney on Obama's ‘You Can Keep Your Doctor’ Line: “It was a Lie, It was Deliberate”

NY Times: Obama Lying about Obamacare Costs

252 Documented Examples of Obama’s Lying, Lawbreaking

Obama's Latest Lie Revealed:

Lawmakers: Obama Lying about Fighting Terrorists

Washington Times: Why is Speaker John Boehner Protecting Obama's ID Fraud?
Obamacare to Cause Towns to Burn 12.10.13
Obamacare Open to Wi-Fi Attack 12.10.13
MSNBC Host: “What are We Doing” to Get the White House’s Obamacare “Message Out There a Little More” 12.10.13
STICKER SHOCK: Average Deductible for O-Care Bronze Plan: $5,000 per Year 12.10.13
Obamacare's Lawless Implementation 12.10.13
Obamacare Excludes Best Healthcare Hospitals 12.08.13
Marxist-Turned-Conservative Horowitz on “The Black Book of the American Left” ...Says Obamacare is Communism ...Progressives are Dangerous, Evil 12.06.13
Communist Colin Powell: America Needs Socialized Medicine 12.08.13
Slimely Obamacare Architect: If You Like Your Doctor, You Can Pay More 12.08.13
O-Care Website Users: Site Led Them to Phishing Page 12.08.13
Students' “Opt-Out of Obamacare” Campaign 12.08.13
Massachusetts: No One Enrolled in Obamacare 12.08.13
California Health Insurance Exchange Shares Patient Info Without Consent 12.07.13
You Can’t Apply for ObamaCare by Website or by Mail 12.07.13
Massive Obama Management Failure 12.07.13
Maryland Obamacare Exchange Director Resigns 12.07.13
House to Grill Sebelius on Lack of Meetings with Obama 12.06.13
7 Out of 10 California Doctors Boycott ObamaCare 12.06.13
25% of O-Care Enrollments Snagged by Technical Bugs 12.06.13
Communist Harry Reid Defends Exempting Staff from Obamacare, “I Followed the Law” 12.06.13
Reid's Insurance Cost Jumped $4,500 12.06.13
Obama ‘Strike Team’ Member: People Losing Their Healthcare is a Good Thing 12.06.13
WH Officials Knew in August Obamacare Small Business Exchange Wouldn’t Be Ready for October 1st Rollout 12.06.13
County Office Bans Obamacare Criticism 12.06.13
O-Care Scams Begin 12.06.13
Public Overwhelmingly Opposes Insurer Bailout Built Into Obamacare 12.06.13
States Warn They may not Process Medicaid Enrollments from People Signed Up via 12.05.13
CBS: Backend of Obamacare Website is Not Functioning 12.05.13
Obamacare Website for Congressional Staffers Crashes 12.05.13
Obama, Dems Form 'Strike Teams' to Sell Obamacare 12.05.13
Obama: '100 Million Americans have Gained the Right for Free...Contraception' 12.05.13
No Evidence Obama Cares about Healthcare on WH Calendar 12.04.13
Obama Hadn't Held 1-on-1 Meeting with HHS Secretary Sebelius for Over 3 Years 12.04.13
Congresswomen Can Spend $11K in Tax Dollars to Buy Obamacare Plans that Cover Abortion 12.04.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Watch 12 Dem Senators Lie: You Can Keep Your Plan

IRS: No Strategy for Fraudulent Obamacare Tax Credits
Obama Turned Down Offer to Build O-Care Website for Free – Wasted $1 Billion Instead

Communist Boehner Signs Up for O-care ...Will His Personal Data Get Hacked?

Communist Sen. Reid Allows Staff to Exempt Themselves from Obamacare

Obamacare: Family Premiums increasing by $5,080
SCOTUS Rejects University's Obamacare Case, So University Rejects Federal Gov't's Power 12.03.13
No Payment System in O-Care Website, So Gov't to Pay Insurance Firms What They “Estimate” They are Owed 12.03.13
White House Refuses to Brief Congress on Security Problems 12.03.13 Security Risks Even Worse After ‘Fix’ 12.03.13
1/3 of O-Care Enrollees Not Really Signed Up 12.03.13
Cost of Worthless Website $1 Billion and Counting 12.03.13
CNN: WH Lying About Website Handling 50,000 Users 12.03.13
Treasury Audit: Healthcare Subsidies Vulnerable to Fraud 12.03.13
81% of Americans Want Obamacare Repealed 12.03.13
Paid Liar: Americans 'Don't Want an Effective Website' 12.03.13
Security Expert: Now More Dangerous 12.03.13
1/3 of O-care Applications Sent to Insurers Contain System Generated Errors 12.03.13
Insurance Companies: Obama Lying, Website Not Fixed 12.02.13
Paid Liar Lies: Denies People Getting Error Messages 12.02.13
Only 100 Videos Submitted to Obamacare Video Contest ...Winner: “Forget About the Price Tag” 12.02.13
Get Ready to Pay More Everywhere: Obamacare Includes a Hidden Minimum Wage Hike 12.02.13
NBC Admits Gov't Not Solution... Had to Bring in Private Sector to Fix Obamacare Website 12.02.13 Still Crashing 12.02.13
Obama's 'Tech Surge' Consisted of Six People 12.02.13
UPS Dropping 15,000 Spouses Off Healthcare 12.02.13
Hard Sell: Going Door-to-Door for Obamacare ...Ramming It Down Our Throats 12.02.13
HA! HA! HA! Woman Asks Family to Talk about O-Care on Thanksgiving 12.01.13
Obamacare: Deadline Missed, Only 60% Complete 11.30.13
Brit Hume’s Wife Finds You Can't Keep Your Doctors Under Obamacare 11.30.13
CNN: O-Care Website Crashes After December Relaunch 12.01.13
Top Obama Advisor: O-Care Working Well in 2017 12.01.13
O-Care: ‘All Hell Is Going to Break Loose’ When Employers Dump Plans 12.01.13
O-Care Site Down, Deadline Tomorrow 11.30.13
78% Fear ObamaCare Site Security 11.29.13
Latest Obamacare Delay Crushes Relaunch Victory 11.29.13
O-Care: Medicaid Expansion ‘Not Financially Sustainable’ 11.29.13
Why We Need Real Healthcare Reform 11.29.13
Spanish Obamacare Website Delayed Again 11.29.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Communist Dem Rep. Gwen Moore Attacks Hobby Lobby – Says 1st Amendment Only Protects Churches, Schools

HHS Dumps Verizon, Signs Up HP to Destroy America
Obamacare Still Faces Many Legal Challenges 11.27.13
Enroll America Official Resigns after Project Veritas 11.27.13
Partisan Group Paid $1 Million to Produce Positive Obamacare Stories 11.27.13
Emporer Obama Illegally Changes O-Care on His Own Again: Delays Small Business Enrollment Until After Mid-Term Elections 11.27.13
Obamacare Oversight Office Slashing Hundreds of Jobs 11.27.13
Free Condoms at Obamacare Event 11.27.13
CBS’s Attkisson: Admin Always Knew Millions Would Lose Employer-Provided Insurance 11.26.13
Communist Party Chairman Says Fight for Obamacare by Singling Out Racism 11.26.13
RINO Rubio Spills Beans that Obamacare will "Blank Check" Bail Out Insurance Companies when O-Care Fails 11.26.13
80 Million to Lose Insurance! 11.26.13
Supreme Court will Take Up Obamacare Case 11.26.13
Woman from WH Obamacare Ad Forced to Drop Health Insurance for Her Employees 11.26.13
Obamacare “Death Panel” Mimics Hitler’s Program 11.26.13
Michelle Obama Said Barack will Make Everyone In America “Sacrifice” for Health Care 11.26.13
Who's Covered? Enrollment Reports Disappearing 11.26.13
White House: O-Care Web Site Won't be Fixed in Time 11.26.13
Top Communist Urges Comrades to Support O-care 11.26.13
Another Obama Lie: Obamacare Contains "Death Panels" 11.25.13
Sen. Hagan Repeatedly Ducking Broken O-care Promise 11.25.13
Large Employers Cutting Benefits Due to Obamacare’s Looming ‘Cadillac Tax’ 11.25.13
69% Satisfied with Their Healthcare Plan 11.25.13
ObamaCare is a Redistribution Scheme 11.25.13
Self-Employed Handyman: Latest Obamacare Victim 11.25.13
O-Care Cutting College Professors' Hours, Insurance 11.25.13
Politico: Dems Turning on Obama Over Obamacare 11.25.13
Oregon Exchange Mails Personal Data to Wrong Person 11.25.13
Enroll America Violated Its Tax-Exempt Nonprofit Status 11.25.13
Cancer Patient’s Insurance Terminated Due to O-Care 11.25.13
You-Can-Keep-Insurance-Pledge was Always a Lie 11.25.13
Nuclear Option Gives Obama Unchecked Appointments to Obamacare's “Death Panel” 11.24.13
New 9.5% Obamacare Tax On Premiums, Charged to Everyone on BCBS In Michigan 11.24.13
State Confirms Health Website Security Breach 11.24.13
Here Come More Obamacare Lawsuits 11.24.13
The Scheme Behind the Obamacare Fraud 11.24.13
Why Obama Thinks He Can Get Away with Obamacare 11.24.13
Dog Registered for Obamacare Speaks 11.23.13
Obamacare is a Front for (WHO) World Health Organization, Complete with Legal Executions 11.23.13
Megyn Kelly and George will on the Cynical Lawlessness of Latest Obamacare Delay...Will Describes 100-Year Progressive's (Communist's) War on Constitution 11.22.13
HHS Lied to Congress about Key Functionality 11.22.13
Communist Sen. Al Franken: 'We Have to Consider Extending the Deadline for the [O-Care] Mandate' 11.22.13
Obama Delays O-Care’s Enrollment Until After Elections 11.22.13
Cancer Kids Lose Insurance 11.22.13
WH Emails Show Obamacare Website Failed to Handle Even 500 Users Days Before Launch 11.22.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Obamacare: The Poor Get Poorer

Obamacare Then, the Unafforable Affordable Care Act Now

Exchange Plans Not Accepted by Good Hospitals

Doctors Aren't Going to Put Up with the Pay

Tech Experts Warn So Riddled with Security Flaws It Should be Shut Down

Only One State Enrolling More in Private Insurance Than Medicaid
New York Times: ObamaCare Transfers Benefits from “Wealthy White Seniors” to Minorities 11.21.13
TIME Editor-at-Large: ‘No Doubt’ the Press Failed to Scrutinize Obamacare 11.21.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

61% Disapprove

93% Want It Altered or Repealed

Obama's Answer: Remarket, Rebrand

Obama "Fix" Means 24% Rate Hike

Repeal in 8 Weeks?

Walmart: O-Care Killing Christmas
50-100 Mlllion to
Lose Insurance

VIDEO: Navigator Directors Conspiring to Release Private Data to Steal Elections

HC,gov Crashes During Sebelius Event

HHS Plan: Spend $7 Billion to Reduce Costs

WH Aides Feared Site Issues Before Launch

Web Site Mocked by Insurance Company

RINO Christie Embraces O-Care

Small Business Owner: Obamacare Driving Me to Drink
Navigator Busted in O’Keefe Video is Ex-Top OFA Official 11.20.13
7 States Reject Obama’s “Fix” 11.20.13
Sebelius Asked to Explain $2 Billion in Obamacare Loans 11.20.13
O-Care Marketers: Perceptions More Important than Facts 11.20.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Woman Hailed by Liar Obama as Success Story Now Can't Afford Obamacare

CBS: Team Obama Administration Ignored Website Warnings

DC Exchange Plans Cover Abortion
Official Admits: 60-70% of O-Care Not Yet Built!

With O-Care Payment System Not Built, Is Anyone Truly Enrolled?

Man Signs Up for Insurance, Dog Gets Covered Instead

Insurance Firm Stops Advertising

O-Care Failure May Shave 30% Off U.S. Drug Sales

Hackers Already Entered System

Dem Rep. Clyburn: Obamacare will be as Well Managed as Horribly Inefficient Veteran's Administration

Boehner: Obamacare Needs To Be Scrapped Now
Bill Clinton in '93: 'Americans can Keep their Plans' 11.18.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

NYT: Obamacare Repeal Possible

Paid Liar Gibbs: Obama Should Have Fired People

Dem Rep. Rahall: Obama May Not Have Legal Authority For His ObamaCare Fix

Side Effects Worse than Fix

Dem Senator Gets “Stern Phone Call” from WH After Bashing Obama’s ‘Fix’
Tingles: Obamacare Could Take Obama to 20% Approval Rating ...He's Cratering

No. 2 House Dem: Obamacare Attempt to Change 'Value System in Our Country'

Politico Defends Obama’s Lie: He Had to Because Public Couldn’t Handle “Unpleasant Truths”

White House Working with Insurers to Bypass

Dems to Reimburse Insurance Companies Up to 80% on O-Care Losses

D.C.-Based Healthcare Exchange and Illegal Political Activity
Delusional Liar Obama: “100 Million Have Signed Up” for Obamacare 11.18.13
Students' Insurance Premiums Soar, Plans Get Cut 11.18.13
SNL Mocks Obama’s ‘Presidential Depression’ 11.17.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

D.C. Insurance Commissioner Questions Obama’s Decision To Offer Obamacare “Fix"...
Fired Next Day

Emperor Obama Didn't Talk to Insurers Before Announcing "Fix"

Obamacare Fix Team has 50 Major Priorities ...Plus Lots of Smaller Ones
Court Case that can Destroy Obamacare

Every Dem Senator Voted for the Obama Change that Took Away Insurance ...It will Force Everyone to Lose Their Insurance

NY Dem Senator Admits: “We All Knew” Obama Was Lying

Nancy Pelosi: Caught Lying by NBC

WOW! More Obamacare Navigators Caught on Videos Telling People to Lie and Admitting Illegally Tied to DNC

Who Crafted Obamacare's Magic Lies Will Miss November 30 Deadline 11.19.13
What Insurance Does The Ruling Class Get? 11.19.13
Communist Liar Obama Blames O-Care Disaster on GOP 11.19.13
Hawaii Spent $778,000 for Each Obamacare Enrollee 11.19.13
Communist Rep Clyburn Admits: Dems Got "In Bed" with Insurance Companies When Writing Obamacare 11.19.13
By Unilaterally Changing Obamacare, Obama Making Mockery of Constitution 11.19.13
Hearing: Security Flaws Endanger Americans 11.19.13
Obama: Gov't IT is 'Not Very Efficient' 11.19.13 Goal is 20% Failure 11.16.13
Obamacare: $2,350 Penalty for Being Married 11.16.13
MSNBC: WH Knows Obama Doesn't Have Power for O-care 'Fix' 11.16.13
If were Private, Sebelius would be Jailed 11.16.13
Thousands of Doctors Lose Insurance 11.16.13
Black College Students Lose Insurance, Turn on Obama 11.16.13
The 27 Dem Senators Who Lied About Keeping Insurance 11.16.13
Consumer Fraud This Massive Deserves Legal Action 11.16.13
Fag Rep. Polis Says Amnesty for Illegals will Fix Obamacare 11.16.13
Ruling Class Congress Gets Special Obamacare Subsidy 11.15.13
Senate Won't Bring Upton Fix to Floor 11.15.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Socialist Dem Rep. Jim McDermott Says Upton Bill Is “Socialism”

Obamacare Architect: 'Death Spiral'

Journalists All Knew Cancellations Coming

House Passes "Keep Your Insurance"

Obama Vows to Veto His Own Promise

39 Dems Pretend to Defy Obama

Michelle Bachmann: I Just Lost My Insurance

Dems Refuse to Apologize for Lying to Americans

Sen. Barbara Boxer: Obama’s Keep-Your-Plan Pledge ‘Absolutely a Fact’
"Keep Your Plan" Lie Crafted by Hugo Chavez's Guru 11.14.13
Commie Rep McDermott on Obamacare: I Haven’t Seen This Much Panic on the Floor Since 9/11 11.15.13
Obama’s Fix is Unconstitutional 11.14.13
Obama’s Fix will Make Matters Worse 11.14.13
“He’s Basically Just Creating Chaos” 11.14.13
House Dem: "Obama Fucked This Up So Badly" 11.14.13
Washington State Defies Obama Fix 11.14.13
Gohmert Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force” 11.14.13
Watch Obama Lie and Lie and Lie About Obamacare 11.14.13
Dem. Senator Decries Anti-Obamacare Bias on MSNBC 11.14.13
O’Keefe: Navigators are Political Operatives 11.14.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

2nd O’Keefe Video Exposes More Navigator Fraud

CBO: Obama Lying... Up to 30 Million will Lose Insurance

Obama Lying... Knew in 2010 Millions would Lose Insurance

Woman With Cancer Loses Insurance

Top 3 Hearing Moments
Obama, The Liar, Lies Some More: You Can Keep Your Plans

Obamacare Fairy Tale: Obama Proposes Illegal Fix

Lacks Legal Authority

Claims ‘Enforcement Discretion’ to Make Obamacare Changes

Fix Has No Teeth ...Zero. None. Zilch.

Obama Admits Won’t Be Fixed By Nov. 30

Obama Lies: No One Told Me Directly

MSNBC: Obama ‘Wounded Man’


Fix Delays Impact Until Elections Over

Fix will Destablize Insurance Market

"No Way to Fix" O-Care

Insurance Companies “Furious” with Obama for Stabbing Them in the Back

Pelosi: House Dems Have Own Plan as She Lies About Number of Enrollees

10 Senate Dems Who Caused Most Harm

Boehner Shares Stories of Hurt Ohioans

Hillary: If You Like Your Plan, You Can Keep Your Plan

The Little-Known Obamacare Home Tax

Obama Loses CNN's Piers Morgan
Lawyer: Obama is Guilty of Serial Fraud – Impeach! 11.13.13
Tax-Funded Investigation into How Health Exchange Board Members Won No-Bid Contract Kept Secret 11.13.13
Catholic Bishops: We Will Not Comply with “Coercive” HHS Abortion Mandate 11.13.13
Al Gore Cashing In on O-care 11.13.13
2% of Individual Health Plans Meet O-care Requirements 11.13.13
ObamaCare Girl Isn't Signing Up for ObamaCare 11.13.13
Insurance Cancellation to Enrollee Ratio: 50 to 1 11.13.13
Cancer Patient Gets His Insurance Back 11.13.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Obama's Big Lie

Obamaare Ads are Racist!

Paid Liar Refuses to Answer What O-Care Goal is 7 Times

O-Care Website Girl Isn't Even American
O-care Enrollment: Super Low

100,000 Enrollees, 5 Million Cancellations

5 States Clock Under 100 Obamacare Enrollees

Will Miss Deadline

O-care Design: Anyone on Planet can Fraudulently Enroll

CNN: "Embarrassing" and "Complete Disaster"


"Keep Your Plan" Now National Punchline

Top White House Officials Refuse to Testify

Obamacare Architect Refuses to Testify


Dem Senator: Kill the 'Death Panel'

Oldest Black College: Student Rates Jump from $50 to $900/Semester

WebMD Lining Pockets with $Millions

O-Care Website Won't be Fixed by Nov. 30 Deadline 11.12.13
NBC: Californian’s Insurance Dropped Due to Obamacare has to Buy Inferior, More Expensive Coverage 11.12.13
Court: O-Care Violating Religious Rights 11.12.13
Dems Give WH 72 Hours to Fix Obamacare Disaster 11.12.13
HHS Emails, Begs O-Care Website Users to Try Again 11.12.13
The First Obama Navigators Fired 11.12.13
House Conservatives File Brief Against Illegal O-Care 11.12.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Most Americans: Obama's a Liar

Sebelius Lied to Congress on Enrollment Data

'Limitless' Security Risks for

Bill Clinton: Obama Should Keep His Word

Paid Liar Lies in Response to Clinton

The Truth about Criminal Navigators

Dem Rep: "President was Grossly Misleading to the American Public"

Obamacare Ads Promoting Sex

Obama Creating Even More Uninsured

WI: 77,000 Lose State Health Coverage, are Mailed Paper Applications

WI: Tech Chief May Ignore Law and Congressional Subpoena
Video: Obamacare Navigators Committing Fraud 11.11.13
O-Care Lied on What Subsidies that will be Received 11.11.13
If O-Care Enrollees are Low, Rates will be "Very High" 11.11.13
Obamacare Punishes Being Married 11.11.13
Obamacare: No Security 11.11.13
Obamacare Sign-Ups 97% Below Target 11.11.13
New Mental Health Mandate will Make Obamacare More Expensive, Increase Fraud and Cancel Policies 11.11.13
Obamacare Website Falsely Tells People They're Prison Inmates and Psychos 11.11.13
Obamacare Dozen Panicking ...WH Desperate 11.11.13
WH Orders Insurance Firms: Don't Criticize Obamacare 11.11.13
Prediction: Obamacare Will Be Repealed 11.11.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Obamacare, Deconstructed

The Insurance Companies ...The Ones Who'll Get Rich on this Scam ...Now Building

Obamacare Sucks ...So What Comes Next?

White House Tech Expert Subpoenaed

Same Idiots are Declaring Flu Shots Safe?

ND: 30 Sign Up, 35,000 Lose Insurance
Watch Obamacare Champion Lose Her Insurance! 11.09.13
2010: Obama Admitted Millions 'Might Have to Change Their Coverage' 11.09.13
Obama’s Massive Obamacare Fraud 11.09.13
Obamacare: "This is What Betrayal Looks Like" 11.09.13
Obamacare Website Partially Shut Down Next 3 Days 11.09.13
Leno: WH Tech Team Can’t Log On to Change False Obamacare Promise 11.09.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

WH Blocks Tech Chief from Testifying on Obamacare

Major Hospitals Excluded from Obamacare Coverage

Unless Website Fixed Millions Without Insurance in 38 Days
Ex-Marxist: Obama, Obamacare are Communist

Obama, Paid Liar Caught in Another Lie

WaPo: Obama's Apology for Lying Not Sincere

After Apologizing Obama Shifts Blame, Lies

High Risk People with Pre-Existing Conditions Shocked with Higher Rates

Cancer Patient Gets What He Deserves for Voting for Communist Obama
...Says Obama Making Him Throw Money Down a Drain

1/6th of America to Lose Insurance
Population of 24 States Have Already Lost Insurance
HA! Ex-MSNBC Host Gets His Insurance Canceled, Has to Pay 352% More 11.08.13
DC Obamacare Enrollees: 5 11.08.13
ID Theft Occurred After Woman Signed Up for O-Care 11.08.13
N. Carolina's Only Obamacare Enrollee Hit by Scammer 11.08.13
Seniors Lose Insurance and Doctors Under Obamacare 11.08.13
OBAMACAREcommunist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Blue Cross Blue Shield Told by Team Obama Not to Release Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

Delaware Enrollments: 4
Cost: $1 Million Per Enrollee

WH Meeting was So Vulnerable Senate Dems Could Look Good for Voters

Obamacare Website Spews Garbled Messages at People
Washington Post: Obama's a Liar

House Speaker: Obama's a Liar

House to Vote on "Keep Your Health Plan Act"

1/4 Million in Colorado Lose Insurance

Communist Liar Obama Says "Sorry" ...Then Goes Back to Lying and Lying and Lying

People with Employee-Provided Insurance: About to be Screwed, Too

Obama Now Toxic Liar

Communist Dem Rep. Mike Honda Falls Asleep While Constituent Complains About Obamacare During Town Hall

Opposing Obamacare ‘Matter of Great Religious Freedom’

Leno: Obama Better Off Smoking Crack Than Passing Obamacare
Insurance Losses - LA: 93,000, NH: 22,000 11.06.13
Sebelius - In Japan, She'd have to Commit Suicide 11.06.13
Obamacare Restrictions Lead Couple to Consider Divorce 11.06.13
Country Music Awards Mocks Obamacare 11.06.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Sebelius Refuses to Say Obama Lied

Sebelius Lies, Says Obamacare Cutting Costs

MSNBC: Obama Thinks Americans Are 'Dumb'

Venezuela's Socialist Healthcare System in Collapse

Obama Approval Lower Than Bush's
PolitiFact: Obama's a Pants on Fire Liar

Sebelius Lies, Says Obamacare Cutting Costs

Senator to Sebelius: Resign

Senator to Sebelius: It Is Impossible to Do Something in the Obama Administration that Gets You Fired

Empting Obamacare Exchanges from Anti-Fraud Standards

Only 700 Enrolled, Only 1 in NC

CNN: Disaster

Obama Supporters Lose Insurance

Dem to Sebelius: Unacceptable

Dem to Sebelius: Why Not Shut Down Website, Get It Done Right?

7 Devastating Obamacare Facts

Sebelius: Delay Not an Option

Unions: Obamacare Exemptions

communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
LIAR OBAMA: I Didn't Say What I Promised 36 Times on Video

Paid Liar Denies Obama Lied

The ObamaCare Speech He Never Gave

WH Refuses to Say If Obama Regrets His Broken Promise Not Secure Never Tested

Gov't Awards More Contracts to Obamacare Contractor

White House Asks CEOs to Help Explain Cancelations

64% of Small Businesses: Higher Costs
Lying About Lies

Obama Spewing ACA ‘Fiction’

Obama Lied as Late as 5 Days Prior to Launch

73,000 Marylanders Get Cancellation Notices

Rate Hikes Hit Red States the Hardest

Teachers to Lose Jobs

Death Spiral Young Avoiding Obamacare

Forcing Congress to Live by Their Law
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Communist Liar

communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Paid Liar

Another Obama Lie: Apply by Phone
LIAR OBAMA CHANGES HIS LIE: 'What We Said was You Can Keep It If It Hasn't Changed Since the Law Passed'

Obama Dismisses Reports Millions Receiving Cancellation Letters: “People are Acting Like This is Some New Phenomenon”


Paid Liar: Lies, Mocks, Gives Up

Dem Senator's Son Loses His Insurance

Nearly 1 Milion Lose Insurance in California

Team Obama Knew Users Would Not Like O-Care Cost and Options

Obama was Lying at Healthcare Summit

Obama, Obamacare Exposed Millions of Americans to Serious Security Risks Crashes to be Shut Down Daily

98% of Insurance Considered "Substandard"

Obamacare will Boost Individual-Market Premiums 41% on Average

Next: Doctor Shortage Just as Reagan Warned

Impeachment Gaining Attention
Lying Scum: Dems Robo-Call Claims GOP Candidate Supports Obamacare and Taxpayer-Funded Abortions 11.04.13
Half Enrolled in Illinois Medicaid are Not Eligible 11.04.13
ObamaCare: What You’re Not Being Told 11.03.13
Obamacare: You Also Can't Keep Your Doctor 11.03.13
3.5 Million Americans Received Cancellation Notices in Only Half the States 11.03.13
What Did Obama Know and When Did He Know It? 11.03.13
Obamacare Architect Admit Dems Plan to Make Individual Insurance Market to Go Away 11.03.13
Washington: Almost 290,000 People Losing Insurance 11.03.13
O-Care Website Goes Dark 11.03.13
VA Dem Calls for Forcing Doctors to Accept Medicare and Medicaid 11.03.13
Team Obama on "Keep Your Insurance" Made a Conscious Decision to Lie 11.02.13
Single Payer: Medicare, Medicaid will Provide 43% of All Health Insurance in 2014 11.02.13
Health Policy Expert Gets Screwed by Obamacare 11.02.13
Creepy Obamacare Experience of the Day 11.02.13
Privacy Breach: Shows Other People's Data 11.02.13
Obamacare: Biggest Lie Ever of Any President 11.01.13
Obamacare: The Liberal Entitlement-State Dream is Crumbling ...It's Not Freedom! 11.01.13
South Park Takes on Obamacare Rollout 11.01.13
Sebelius Handed "Websites for Dummies" Book 11.01.13
Giving Obamacare Room to Fail 11.01.13
O-Care: NJ College Students Lose Low Cost Coverage 11.01.13
States About to Crack Down on Obamacare 'Navigators' 11.01.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Obama's Real Goal Revealed
Sebelius Refuses to Say If
O-Care Pays for Baby-Killing
Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Obamacare Contraception Mandate
Mainstream Media: Obama Lied, Your Insurance Died

150,000 in Oregon

100,000 in New York

It's Tyranny!

Obama Guilty of Fraud and Inducement
Obama Donor’s Firm Hired to Fix Web Mess It Created
Mayo Clinic CEO: O-Care Lacks Cost Control
Starbuck's CEO Bails on O-Care Support
O-Care Glitch Girl being Replaced by Useful Idiots
Obama Signing Up Prostitutes
Dem Sen. Calls Obamacare Site ‘Humpty Dumpty’
Obamacare Enrollment Mocked 10.31.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Day 1 Enrollments: 6

Vermont Enrollment: 0

Navigator Hasn't Signed Anyone Up: Too Expensive

Top Ten Hospitals: Opting Out

Jay Leno on Obama: Con Artist

Jon Stewart Rips "Know Nothing Obama", NWO

Obamacare's Future Legalized Killing of Kids and Sick

Sebelius Subpoenaed

Obama Admits: Rates will Increase

Socialist Gov't Spy Org, Google Called in to Fix Website

Obamacare Redistributing Tens of $Billions

Excorist Author on Baby Killer Sebelius: "Demonic"

Probe: Medicare Paid Millions to Dead People and Illegal Aliens

'Tech Surge' Led by Top Obama Donor

State Exchanges Costing Taxpayers $1 Billion

Website Down 36 Hours This Week

Michelle Obama and Her Website Company Crony were in Radical Racist Pro-Terrorist Group 10.30.13
Communist Dem Rep Pallone Blames Cancelled Health Care Plans on Capitalism 10.30.13
Old Lie: 'You Can Keep Your Plan' Promise -- New Lie: 'Just Shop Around' 10.30.13
ObamaCare Launched After Failing Hundreds of Tests 10.30.13
ObamaCare Failed Every Test 10.30.13
Obamacare is 'Biggest Voter Registration Fraud Scheme in History' 10.30.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Sebelius When Asked If Obama is Ultimately Responsible for Obamacare: “Whatever”

$1 Trillion Spent in <1 Yr

No End-to-End Testing

WH Warned Before Launch: High Security Risk

"Completely Unacceptable Level of Security?

Team Obama Secretly Changed Law to Hide Insurance Losses

Dem: Not Cancellations, Transitions

Obamacare's Future: UK Court OKs Hospital Unplugging Patient

Website Crashes As She Speaks

See CNN's Incredible Split Screen

She Lies: Website has Never Crashed

She Lies: All Can Keep Their Insurance

She Lies: Illegal for Her to Join

She Lies When Shown Ad: I Can't See It

He Lies: Obama Get 4 Pinocchios

They Lied: 13 Dems Who Knew, Lied

Paralyzed Firefighter Losing Health Benefits

Small Business Owner’s Premiums Increase by 400%

Obama '07: 'I Don'
t Think We're Going to be Able to Eliminate Employer Coverage Immediately'

Why Communist Obama Won't Fire Her
...Just Following Orders from Soros

Oregon Enrollees: Zero

West Virginians Just Give Up

Forces Men to have Maternity Coverage
Nearly 1 Million Californians to Lose Health Insurance 10.29.13
Docs Show Obama Given “Stark Warnings” O-Care Website Wasn't Ready 10.29.13
MSNBC Anchor: We Knew Obama Telling Flagrant Lie 10.29.13
O-Care Navigator Orgs Didn't Know They were O-Care Navigator Orgs 10.29.13
NSA Head Lies About Spying on European Citizens 10.29.13
58% of US Counties Only Have 1 or 2 Insurance Company Options with Obamacare 10.29.13 Most Expensive Website Ever 10.29.13
CNN Report: Obama Regime Trying to Silence Insurance Companies from Discussing Obamacare Problems 10.29.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Over 2 Million Cannot Renew Current Health Insurance

Rates to Explode If Enrollment Delayed

Medicare Chief Apologizes

Medicare Chief Didn't Shop for Plans

RINOs Senators Waive Obamacare for Aides

UK Pulls Plug on It's Own "Obamacare"

No Enrollment Numbers Until Mid-November

The 'Keep Your Health Plan Act'

"Obamacare Down" Funny Ad

Obamacare Contractor Subpoenaed

Sandy Victims Still Not Paid Due to Obamacare Contractor
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive


‘I’m Hanging Up the White Coat’


Posted WH Video of Obama “Guaranteeing” You Can Keep Your Insurance

Top Dem Admits They Knew Obama Was Lying

Valerie Jarrett: Doesn't Force You Out of Your Health Plan


'We Have a System That's Working'

"True Statement" You Can Keep Your Plan

Doesn't Know How Many Enrolled
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Communist Liar Obama Knew 40% - 67% Would Lose Their Insurance

Axelrod: ‘Most People’ will be Able to Keep Their Plans Under Obamacare ...Note: 51% is Most

So Far, 1.5 Million Lose Health Insurance Due to ObamaCare

Website, Phone Registration Down

Dem Panics: "Dem Party is F****d"

As O-Care Self-Destructs: Free Market Healthcare Ramps Up

Video: the 19 Times Obama Promised to Lower Premiums by $2,500 Per Year

Middle Class Hit with 30% Premium Spike

FL Woman's Rate Up 10X

WH Website Still Promising You Can Keep Your Health Insurance If You Like It

Alaskan Suspends Enrollments, After Signing 3 People Up

WH Illegally Changing Law

WH Illegally Not Enforcing Law

Sebelius to Testify 'Before She's Out the Door'

MSNBC: ‘Disastrous’

NBC: ‘Sticker Shock’

Dems Ask DOJ If They can Get Money Back from Obamacare Website Company
Obamacare: 540% Rate Increase in Texas 10.28.13
Pro-ObamaCare Congressional Staffer Shocked as It Triples her Premium: "I was wrong. Very wrong.” 10.28.13
Obama Knew People Would Lose Insurance 3 Years Ago 10.28.13
CBS: Obamacare Problems Go Far Beyond Website 10.28.13
Fox’s Kirsten Powers was Obamacare Supporter, Until She Got Her Insurance Cancellation Letter ...Fox's Juan Williams, though, in Full Libtard Denial 10.27.13
Obamacare Data Center Crashes 10.27.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Obamacare Wording Itself Could Sink Obamacare
Sebelius Refuses to Release Docs ...Subpoena Time

1/2 Million Californians Lose Health Policies

10 Things Obamacare Won’t Tell You

Spanish Obamacare Website On Hold Indefinitely

‘Glitches’ Hit Obamacare Paper, Phone Applications

8,000 Get Wrong Subsidies Data from State Exchanges
House Intelligence Chair: Obamacare Website Not Secure, May Need to be Scrapped 10.27.13
“Laughingstock of America" Sebelius Skewered by SNL 10.27.13
Middle Class to Pay More Under "Affordable Care" Scam 10.27.13
Failed Obamacare Website Company in Charge of Nearly $2 Billion in Sandy Relief 10.27.13
Dem Sen. Manchin: “Nobody Should be Forced to Buy ObamaCare If It Costs More” 10.27.13
Failure-Plagued Company that Got Obamacare Contract Connected to NSA, PRISM ...History of Failures Revealed 10.25.13
Michelle Obama’s Princeton Buddy is Exec at Company that No-Bid Built Failed O-Care Website 10.25.13
Obamacare: Wisconsin Rates to Double 10.25.13
ObamaCare Doubles Premiums for Young Women 10.25.13
Senator Proposes Law: 'If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act' 10.25.13
Obamacare Operator Fired After Taking Call from Hannity; Hannity to Give Her One Year's Salary 10.24.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive


Awesome Cover!

Communist Rep. Rangel: ‘No Question’ Members of Congress are Entitled to Obamacare Subsidies

“Tech Surge” Leader Predicts Fix by Nov.

Elderly New Yorkers in Panic after Receiving Cancellation Notices

Refusing to Step Down, Sebelius Says She Doesn't Work for People Who Want Me to Resign

School Hours Getting Cut – District Loses $6 Million

Hispanic Website Features Asians – Not Hispanics

Disasterous Rollout Threatens Entire Obamacare Structure

McAfee: Executing
Denial of Service Attack on Itself

How to Avoid Paying Obamacare Fine

States Concerned About O-Care Fraud

CBS Video: Obamcare Takes Away Woman's Healthcare Choices
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

100% of Senate Dems Up for Reelection Want O-Care Delayed

Contractor: It Doesn't Work

FOIA to Get Enrollment Numbers

IRS will be Late on Issuing Tax Returns Due to Obamacare

Obama Showed Us How Easy Signing On Would Be

CareFirst Cancelling 76,000 Customers


Sebelius to be Grilled

Website Firm to be Grilled

Dem Calls House Hearing "Monkey Court"

32 Reps Demannd Sebelius Resign

Gay Dem Rep Wants O-Care Waiver for Rich

Hidden Website Code: ‘No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy’

CNN: Affordable Care Act is Unaffordable

O-Care: Pay Cuts and Higher Premiums

Indiana Hospitals Forced to Cut Hundreds of Jobs

Team Obama Grants Itself 3-Month Exemption from Individual Mandate ...But: Obamacare Law Says That's Illegal

Obama's Ex-Bodyguard Losing Coverage
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

- Uncertified Navigators
- 700+ Cyber-Squatters

Sebelius Admits Incompedence

Sebelius Blames Obama

60% of Americans: It's a Joke!


Blue Cross Blue Shield Issues Policy Cancellations

Feds Tell Blue Cross Blue Shield to Hide Enrollment Numbers

More will Lose Insurance Than Sign Up

FRAUD: O-care Website Pricing Wrong

Fed, Insurers Unite to Screw Us

Dems want O-care Delayed Until After Election

O-care Obama Speech Fainting Faked!

3 Weeks of Trying: Still Not Registered

BAD NEWS: Baby Killers are Obamacare Navigators
GOOD NEWS: Poor Website Exposes Their Private Info
Sebelius Lies: Obama Didn't Know ...Making Him Inept 10.22.13
Sebelius will Only Brief Dems 10.22.13
O-Care Website Company: Long History of Failure 10.22.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Experts Stunned by Failed Website's Cost

Tech Expert: “Won’t be Fixed Anytime Soon”

Tech Expert: Obamacare Unfixable, Scrap it!

Obamacare Tech Firm Tried, Failed to Build Gun Registry in Canada

HHS Finds 2 Enrollees for Obamacare Ads

Took 100+ Tries to Sign Up

WY: 30 People Enrolled

Women Who Nearly Fainted Behind Obama Hasn't Decided to Sign Up

Judge Won't Issue Injunction, But Let's Obamacare Court Case Continue


What Obama Doesn't Want You to See: Unaffordable Rate Sheets

WaPo: Root for Harmful Obamacare to Fail

AP: Sebelius Should be Shown the Door

Liberal Rag Slate Rips Obama: He’s Either Inept Or Lying

Fox New Dem Beckel: “I Got a Call from Somebody at the White House” After Criticizing ObamaCare

NBC Tries to Shift Blame Away from Obama

Comedy Central's Scathing, Ruthless Obamacare Critique

Panic Setting in with WH, Insurers



Commie Rep Waxman Blames Private Sector

What can We Predict Team Obama Do Shortly

Non-Stop Blatant Lies

MSNBC: "Secrecy", "Lies" and "Almost Criminal"

"In His Dreams… Barack Obama: ‘Half a Million Consumers’ Have Signed Up

Obama Introduced by Woman Who was Frustrated at Trying to Sign Up

Only 3 of 13 People Standing Behind Obama Actually Registered

2 of 13 Behind Obama were Muslim

Student" Claiming It Was “Easy” is Actually a Democratic Party Operative

Obama Blames Gov't Shutdown

After Nearly 13 Hours of Trying: Can't Sign Up

Call Center Operator Says System Down for 42 Hours and No One Likes It

Consumer Reports: ‘Stay Away'

Why Obama Should be Freaked Out

Obamacare Architect: Enrollment Numbers Not That Important

Doctors in Congress: Worse Than You Think

ABC: "It's a Bust!"

Zero Enrolled in New York
Under 100 in Nebraska
Obamacare ‘Marketplace:’ Where People Buy Compulsory Insurance with Other People’s Money 10.21.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

ObamaCare Enrollees Joining Obama in Rose Garden -- Who's Paying for That?



Sebelius - On the Run

Sebelius Will Testify! -- 1-Party, Not 2-Party Theatre About to Commence

CNBC: ObamaCare Forcing Businesses to Shift to Part-Time Workers
Even Oprah Isn’t On Board with Obamacare 10.19.13
Judge Rips Obamacare 10.19.13
Senator: Obamacare would have Killed Me 10.20.13
Obamacare Hot LIne Tells Caller Costs will Keep Rising 10.20.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

North Dakota:
Zero Signed Up

27 and Under to see Premiums Jump 252%!

NYC Obamacare Navigator is a Proud Illegal Alien being Paid with Your Tax Dollars

Team Obama Knew Website Would Fail

Sebelius Won’t Testify Before Congress
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

HuffPo Calls It a “Train Wreck”

Alaskans Signed Up: 7
Michigan: 0
South Dakota: 23
Tech Experts:
...Won't Work, Built on Decade-Old Technology

Obamacare Woes Widen as Insurers Get Wrong Data

Sebelius may be Subpoenaed
Canada Fired Obamacare's Canadian Website Firm 10.18.13
WaPo: Obama Lying about Obamacare Website Traffic being the Cause of Problem, People Need to be Fired 10.18.13
Obamacare ‘Navigator’ Trespassed, Intimidated Public Official and Member of ACORN Spin-Off 10.18.13
NBC Predicts All Americans will Receive a Microchip Implant in 2017 per Obamacare 10.17.13
Obamacare Website Violates Copyrighted Software's Licensing Agreement 10.17.13
Obamacare Website Tested Just One Week in Advance 10.17.13
Obamacare Programmers Fainting from Exhaustion 10.17.13
Hollywood Plans Blitz to Make Obamacare Popular 10.16.13
Chicago Tribune Rips Obamacare 10.16.13
Rush: Obama Got Away with Not Being Vetted 10.16.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Obamacare Flop

No Employer Mandate Means Failure

Obamacare Kills Ice Cream Company

CBS News: “Complete Disaster”

First Person in Delaware Enrolls

Wisconsin: Under 50 People Enrolled

Website Sign-Ups: 0.5% of Visitors

Illegal Alien Heads Navigator Program

Daily Kos in Shock Over Premium Costs

House Launching Website Investigation
Obamacare: $30B Blown on Non-Operational Medical Record System 10.15.13
Obamacare Website Traffic: Done to a Trickle 10.15.13
NYT: Obamacare Collapse 'Has Deeply Embarrassed' WH 10.15.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Obama has 'Full Confidence' in Complete & Total Failure Sebelius
Socialist Failure

Aetna CEO: 'So Much Wrong'

Arizonans Still Unable to Sign Up

Alaskans Who Signed Up: Zero

Kentucky Obamacare Website Keeps Crashing

Letterman Mocks Obamacare’s Rollout

Obamacare Nightmare Just Beginning

Failed Website was Sole Sourced

Paid Liar Won’t Say When Obamacare Will Be Fully Functional
Most Powerful White House Obamacare Official at Center of IRS Scandal 10.14.13
HHS: $1.5 Million for Obamacare TV Studio 10.14.13
RINO Caving on Obamacare ...No Surprise 10.14.13
Sweet Obamacare Deal for Unions 10.14.13
Sweet Obamacare Deal for Canadian Website Company 10.14.13
Week One: Just 51,000 Signed Up for Obamacare 10.14.13
Obamacare Failing in Philly 10.14.13
Obama 'Crashing Healthcare Site On Purpose' 10.14.13
Even Baghdad Bob Calls for Obamacare Firings 10.14.13
Obamacare Regulations 30 Times Longer Than Law 10.14.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Obamacare ‘Navigator’: Arrest Warrant
- CNN: 2 Weeks Later, Still Can't Register
- WaPo:“Thus Far, Obamacare is a Disaster”
- McAfee: Hackers will Steal All Your Money
- SC Enrollment Event Draws One Person
- Gibbs: ‘Excruciatingly Embarrassing’
- Launched When Only 70% Complete
ObamaCare Website Company was Fired by Canada 10.13.13
Obamacare Enrollees Become Urban Legend 10.13.13
Healthcare in Recession: Thousands Laid Off 10.13.13
Obamacare: 9 Insurance Companies Exit Nebraska 10.13.13
If Obamacare Commercials Told the Truth 10.13.13
Dr. Ben Carson Warns: ‘Socialized Medicine is Keystone to Establishment of a Socialist State' 10.12.13
Sebelius: We are Bringing Western Civilization to Its Knees with Obamacare 10.12.13
Media Admits: If Obamacare Isn't Fixed in One Month, 'Panic' will Ensue 10.12.13
Obamacare's High Cost: It's Now Food or Healthcare 10.11.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Fire Her Sorry Ass

Dick Morris: OK Lawsuit could Knock Out ObamaCare
Socialist Failure

Sebelius Fails to Reassure as Obamacare Website Falls Flat on Its Face

Only 2 People Attend 'Obamacare and You!' Event in South Carolina

Delaware: No One Has Enrolled

Dr. Carlson: Obamacare Worst Thing That's Happened to Nation Since Slavery

Dr. Carlson: Compares Obamacare to Soviet Communism

Illinois School Makes Students Play "Death Panel"
CNN: Obamacare Website Flawed to the Core 10.10.13
Obamacare: Shock When Folks Find Out It's Not Free 10.10.13
FINANCIAL TRAINWRECK COMING: 7 Million by March Needed to Make Obamacare Work Only 51,000 Signed Up ...That's Why GOP Wants a Delay 10.10.13
Mailman Fired for Throwing Away Obamacare Junk Mail 10.10.13
Up 800,000 in NJ Losing Insurance Due to Obamacare 10.10.13
Obamacare to Become Commie TV Star 10.10.13
NBC Blasts Obamacare: "A Complete Mess" 10.10.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Socialist Healthcare
at It's Finest

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Cost Less
- Taxing People for Failed System
- Officials Had Warned It was Crap
- White Knew in Advance It was Crap
- DNC Claim: Only Designed for 50,000
- Once In, You Can't Get Out
- Programmer: "Like Nobody Tested It"
- 'Outdated, Costly, Buggy Technology'
- Only 5 Iowans Signed Up
- Zero Hawaiians Signed Up
- Hawaii Forced to Relaunch
- Pays for Killing Babies
- 15 Indiana School Districts Sue
Doctors Available in MN’s Obamacare Exchange: Zero 10.09.13
Socialist Leader: Obamacare will Fail – “Single Payer” Comes Next 10.09.13
Obamacare Website: Trojan Horse for Gov't Spying 10.09.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

College Grad: O-care Raped My Future!
- CBS: “Nothing Short of Disastrous”
- Commie News Network: Delay Obamacare
- Titanic Obamacare Hits Reality Iceberg
- Costs $634,320,919 and It Doesn't Work
- Family's Premiums Up 300%
- Koch Brothers Obamacare Smear
- Navigators Give Out Wrong Info
- Website Resets All Passwords
...Note 1-World Gov't, CFR Firm, Booz Allen Involved
Obamacare Website Goes Off-Line Again 10.07.13
MSNBC Roasts Obamacare Website: ‘Unbelievable’ They ‘Blew It This Badly’ 10.07.13
Maryland Announces Obamacare Enrollment Total: 326 10.07.13
HHS's Latest Obamacare Lie 10.07.13
- Website Still Doesn't Work After Failed Weekend Work
- Gov't Claim: Only "Hundreds" Signed Up
- Online “Waiting Rooms”
…Just Like Real Thing!
- Premium Rate Jump: $228 to $1,208 per Month
- Family Can’t Log Onto Obamacare All Week Long
- Obamabots Floored by Cost
- Time to Sue Communist Liar Pelosi
- Grilled Hard, Listen to Communist Treasury Sec. Refuse to Say How Many Have Signed Up
What Does It Actually Take to Sign Up for Obamacare? 10.05.13
CNN: “Embarrassment”

99% of Obamacare Applications Hit a Wall

Obamacare Website: ‘WARNING: No Explicit or Implicit Expectation of Privacy’ User Info ‘may be Intercepted, Monitored, Recorded … and Disclosed’

McAfee: Hacker's
Wet Dream

Media Bans "Obamacare"
Dead People can Sign Up for Healthcare in Kentucky 10.05.13
HHS-Run Website Hacked, Now Selling Swag 10.04.13

Obamacare Facebook Erupts with Citizen Sticker Shock

Busted! Media’s Obamacare Poster Boy Chad Henderson Never Purchased an Obamacare Health Insurance Plan

Day 4: Glitch-A-Palooza Continues
- Users Still Can't Login
- Man with Leukemia Loses Coverage

Hannity Nails NJ Commie Dem Rep. Bill Pascrell: ‘You’re Lying!’
Reporters Find Mythical Man Who was Able to Enroll in Obamacare... His Insurance Premium Jumped Up 300%... Man Turns Out to be President of “Young Democrats” 10.03.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
Congress, Staff Mandated to Use Most Expensive Obamacare Plan

Insurance Manager: 'We have Yet to have Someone Successfully Register'

- California: No One Registered
- Reporter Can't Find Any TX Registrants
- No One Registered?
- Kansas: No One Registered
- Maryland: Under 100 Registed
- Tennessee: No One Registered?
- Navigators Go Door-to-Door Begging
- Scantily-Clad Models Hawk Obamacare
- Data Security Concerns
- Turn in Your Guns to Get Obamacare
- 2,400 SSN's Leaked
- $175/Month Premium for Students
- Louisiana: Zero Enroll
- <1% are Signing Up
- CNN Can't Find One Person Who Signed Up in SC
- Obamaphone Bribes
- CA: Not 5 Million Hits, 0,6 Million Hits
- Navigator: Rollout Is “Dead as a Doornail”
- Sebelius: Dial 1-800-FUCKYO
- Angry Communist Rep Hasn't Read the 10,536 Pages
Socialist Obamacare

EPIC FAIL! MSNBC Host Tries to Sign Up for Obamacare, Quits After 35 Minutes

CNN: "Doesn't Work"

Obamacare Exchange Websites Don’t Work; a Total Mess

Obamacare Crashes Minutes After Launch

System Down, Congressman Can't Sign Up

DC and MD Systems Down

Usurper: Expect Months of Glitches

FAIL: Security Does Not Work

Commie Rag Time: “Riddled with Glitches”

Confirmed: Breeds Massive Corruption, Fraud

Sebelius: Obamacare Glitches a 'Great Problem to Have'

FACT CHECK: Slippery Claims
- Fines to be Seized from Your Bank Accounts
- Abortion Firm President Admits Gets Obamacare Money
- Reporter Gives Up on O-Care Website After Hour's Try
- Reporter Gives Up on O-Care Website After 5 Hour's Try
- <1% CT Exchange Visitors Could Sign Up
- Commie Media Lies: Website Failure Due to High Traffic
Obama Sued for Illegally Changing Obamacare Law 10.01.13
Obama: as Easy as Buying a “TV on Amazon” ...CBS Tries: Obamacare Server Crashes 12 Times 10.01.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive


Applying for Healthcare Will Be Worse Than Paying Taxes

Even Your Pet Gets Screwed
communist obama usurper marxist socialist islamic criminal
How DSA Marxists Influenced Health Policies of Both Major Presidential Candidates
communist obama marxist socialist maoist gay usurper

Repubicans Aren't Your Friends - This Was Their Plan All Along
Has ANYONE Actually Signed Up For Obamacare Yet? 10.08.13
Press Cowers: Not 1 Single Question on Obamacare 10.08.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Sebelius: Pay Penalty, Get 1-Year Delay
- Jon Stewart: Grills Sebelius
- Jon Says She Lied, So His Video Yanked
- MD Exchange: 'No Doctors are Found'
- Personal Data Used for Law Enforcement
- State: ‘Navigators’ are Identity Theft Risk
- News Can’t Find 1 Person Who Signed Up
- Reporter Tries Entire Day to Sign Up
- Sebelius Defends “Simple, User-Friendly”
- Obamacare Website Still Down
- Signers On Not Really Insured
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Most Popular Question: How to Get Exemption?

Gov Website Quietly Deletes "Free"

CommieLand Can't Muster "Navigators"
Socialist Obamacare

Taxpayer-Funded Abortion

Employers Slashing Worker Hours

1/4 of Uninsured Americans Will Pay Fine Rather than Get Obamacare

Massive Hidden New Taxes

Just Fleeced a Children’s Hospital

House Bill to Force Obama Officials into Obamacare Exchanges

Anti-Obamacare Senate Candidate Breaks Fundraising Record

Exchanges Scramble

‘Duct Tape and Chicken Wire’

Spiraling Rate Increases
Bishops Tell Congress to Stop Obamacare 09.29.13
In 10 States, Obamacare Wipes Out Existing Plans 09.29.13
- 313 Employers Who Cut Hours to Avoid Obamacare
House: Obamacare Delay or Gov't Shutdown
- Outsourced
Foreigners Writing Software Code
- Widespread Computer Problems
Hacked Identity Data
Employer-Based Health Insurance Becoming Extinct 09.27.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive
GOP Demand 1-Yr Delay ...Not Repeal, Not Defund

Mega RINO Peter King Democrat in Disguise

Obamacare Hurting Sesame Street Employees - Big Bird Explains

First Dem Breaks Ranks
IRS Doesn't Know Where They Spent $67 Million Obamcare Slush Fund

- Creates Voter Fraud
- High Out-of-Pocket Costs
- Small Business Delays
- Spanish Delays
- Spam/Telemarketing Skyrocket
- NJ Doctors Disappearing
- Cruz Squashed Commie Durbin
- Reid Calls O-Care Tax Stupid
- Bishop: We Will Not Comply
- White Castle: 35% Cost Adder
- Paid Liar: Employers Dropping Coverage Just ‘Anecdotes’
Screwed Either Way: Obamacare or Debt Hike? 09.26.13
SEIU Strikes Over Obamacare-Related Cuts 09.26.13
$1B to be Spent to Promoting Obamacare 09.25.13
O-Care: Cleaning Biz Reducing Full-Time Employees 09.25.13
Obama: Free Contraceptives Offset O-Care Price Hikes 09.25.13
DC Obamacare Exchange Delayed, Can't Calculate Tax 09.25.13

- Cost Rise 99% Men, 62% Women
- TN Cost: 3X Men, 2X Women
- Costs Higher for Young
- Individuals: $3,000 Minimum
- Obama Admits: Raises Taxes
- Wedding Tax
- 21-HOUR Faux Filibuster
- 5 Top Ted Cruz Moments
- GOP Doesn't Want to Fight
- Cruz Should be GOP Model
- Communist McCain Wants O-care
- Communist King Wants O-care
- Union: Fix-It or Repeal It!
- Union: Destroys Health, Wellbeing
- Computer Glitch: 6-Week Delay
- McConnell: Law will Fall Apart
- Little Sisters of the Poor Sues
Clinton Points Out Flaw in Obamacare: ‘This Only Works If Young People Show Up’ 09.24.13
- Obamacare Nightmare: Family Premimum Triples
- Not the Plan Obama Sold
- Small Business Exchanges Not Ready
- Dutch Killed by Euthanasia Rises 13%
- Door-To-Door Identity Theft Likely
Ted Cruz Filibusters
- Mitch McConnell Won’t Support Ted Cruz
Obama Staff Cuts Prevent Healthcare Fraud Investigtions 09.23.13
communist obama marxist socialist maoist progressive

Rep’s Loses Coverage After Opting Out of Obamacare

Harry Reid Calls Opponents “Anarchists” and “Fanatics”
- 1 Week Until D-Day
- Redefining The Start
- Higher Cost
- The Family Glitch
- Doctors Brace
- No Details
- Fewer Choices
- Socialist Congress Out of Touch
- 92% Say No Congress Exemption
- Outlawing Exemptions
- Make Gov't Feel the Pain, Too
- CNN Lies
- Union Denounce
- Cruz Fights
Another Creepy Gov't Obamacare Ad 09.21.13
Times Square Ad: Obamacare Hazardous to Your Health 09.21.13
- White House: Puts Americans' Personal Info at Risk
- Software Glitch Providing Wrong Prices
- Obama’s Latest Illegal Act
Sen. Murphy (D-CT): Congress Morally Justified in Forcing Americans to Violate Their Religious Beliefs 09.19.13
Home Depot Dumping 20,000 Workers Onto Obamacare Exchanges 09.19.13
- Obama Now Blatantly Making Up Bullsh@t
- Supreme Court to Consider New Obamacare Case
- Dems Lying about Congressional Exemptions
- Opt Out Ad Campaign
- Obama Now Just Blatantly Making Up Crap
- GOP 'United' to Defund Obamacare
- Ted Cruz Vows Filibuster to Stop Obamacare
Is GOP Serious About Repealing Obamacare? 09.18.13
- Walgreens Dumps 160,000 Workers into ObamaCare
- Cleveland Clinic Laying Off 3,000
- Vanderbilt Hospital Laying Off 1,000
- GOP Claim They'll Defund or Delay
- 51% Say Shutdown the Gov't
- McDonalds, 300 Other Companies Beg for Relief
- Warren Buffett: Scrap Obamacare and Start Over
- Sebelius Goes from 'Will Get Covered' to 'Can' to 'May'
- Death Panels
- Tough Sell
- Will Question Your Sex Life
- Obama Lies: Says Won't Hurt Economy
- Rep Tries to End Congress Exemptions, Gets Blackmailed
Healthcare Firm to Lay Off 100+ Because of Obamacare 09.15.13
Obamacare: Insurers Limiting Doctors, Hospitals 09.15.13
Obamacare Employee Accidently Emails Out 2,400 SSN's 09.14.13
92% of Fed Workers Don't Want Obamacare 09.14.13
Obamacare’s Here: Hand Over Your Guns 09.14.13
Gov't Seeking Inclusion of ‘Social and Behavioral’ Data in Our Health Records 09.13.13
- SeaWorld Slashes Hours to Avoid Obamacare Fines
- Union Head: If Obamacare Can't Be Fixed, Repeal It
- Obama Calls Union Head, Tells to Stop Bad-Mouthing
- No State Ready for Obamacare Roll-Out
- Amended or Delayed 19 Times
- Obamacare Approval Rating: Only 39%
- Regulations 8 Times Longer than the Bible
- Republicans Have Done Nothing
- Top Republicans and Boehner Will Not Defund
- $187 Billion: Cost Union Obamacare Subsidies
- Obamacare “Navigators” Not Being Properly Trained
- ObamaCare Tax Kills 1,000 Jobs in Michigan
- AFL-CIO Formally Condemning Obamacare
- 6-Story NYC Billboard: Stop Obamacare
Obamacare: 31 Million will be Uninsured 09.08.13
Obamacare: $400 Million/Yr - Forced Home Inspections 09.07.13
White House Bunkers in War Room on Obamacare Battle 09.06.13
Obamacare: Artists, Writers, Musicians, Actors Lose Coverage 09.05.13
Dem Gov Implements ObamaCare by Outsourcing IL Jobs to India 09.05.13
Health Care Premiums to Increase Up to 125% in WI 09.04.13
Communist AFL-CIO Head Admits Obamacare Causing Businesses to Cut Employee Hours 09.03.13
40,000 Longshoremen Quit AFL-CIO Over Obamacare 09.01.13
Obamacare: Shorter Work Weeks 08.30.13
Rep: Obamacare Subsidies to Congress is Illegal 08.28.13
AFL-CIO Chief Communist Richard Trumka: “We Made Some Mistakes” Writing Obamacare 08.29.13
Obama Delays Obamacare Insurance Exchanges 08.28.13
Obamacare Essentially on Hold Until After Mid-Terms? 08.28.13
Obama's Obamacare Lie Changes from "Saves Money" to "Cheaper than Your Cell Phone Bill" 08.27.13
IRS Issues Final Obamacare 'Individual Mandate' Rules 08.27.13
Hospital Laying Off 49 Workers Due to Obamacare 08.27.13
Boehnercare 08.26.13
'Grassroots Tsunami' Needed to Defund Obamacare 08.25.13
Liar Obama Hides Obamacare Subsidies for Foreigners 08.25.13
Delta Airline's Obamacare Impact: $100 Million More/Year 08.25.13
Wheels Coming Off Obamacare 08.24.13
'BoehnerCare' 08.23.13
RINO Renee Ellmers: Wants Obamacare 08.23.13
Obama Stole His Identity, Now Hiring Criminals to Steal Yours! 08.23.13
Obama Building Detective Squad to Target Consumers and Companies that Don't Follow Obamacare's Rules 08.22.13
Communist-Led AFL-CIO: Obamacare Destroying Union Healthcare 08.22.13
Large Town Hall Meeting to Defund Obamacare 08.22.13
Commieland: $9/Hr Jobs Signing Up Obamacare Idiots 08.21.13
- UPS Dropping Coverage for 15,000 Spouses
- Most Charlottesville, VA Firms to Switch to Part-Time
- University of Virginia Slashes Health Benefits
- 40% of Companies Changing Insurance Plans
- HHS Hosting Brown-Bag Lunches to Explain Obamacare
HHS: $30,000 Reward for Best Death Panel Advocate 08.20.13
- Forced, No-Warrant Home Inspection Raids
- Half of Legally Imposed Deadlines Missed
- Obama's Hometown Paper: Scrap It, Start Over
- Clothing Company Makes All Workers Part-Time
- 100,000+ New Jersey Residents to Lose Health Plans
- $9 Million for Paul Bunyan Obamacare Ads
- Landrieu Says She'd Vote for Obamacare
...Why Not? Her State Got $100 Million Bribe to Vote Last Time Around
52 Reasons Obamacare Can't Work 08.18.13
Oversight Committee: Admin Withheld ObamaCare Docs 08.17.13
No Background Checks on Obamacare Navigators 08.17.13
Penalties Cheaper than Obamacare Exchanges 08.16.13
Obamacare Surprise: Forced Home Inspections ...More 08.15.13
Obamacare: Congress Gets Abortion Coverage 08.15.13
Oversight Committee: Administration Withheld Obamacare Documents 08.15.13
$1 Million in Obamacare Tax Money Goes to Baby Killers 08.15.13
Rand Paul: Obama’s Actions on Healthcare Legislation are “Illegal And Unconstitutional” 08.14.13
Obamacare Exchange Funding Baby Killers 08.14.13
Under 3% of Federal Workers Want to Join Obamacare 08.14.13
- Obama Keeps Illegally Changing Obamacare Law
- Now No Limit on Consumer Costs
- Sebelius: ‘This is Not a Bait-and-Switch’
- Data Not Secure
- Kill ObamaCare by Starving It to Death
- Judge: Obamacare Subsidies Lawsuit Moves Forward
Commie Reid Tells Unions to Stop 'Frightening' People about Obamacare 08.11.13
Bill Whittle: Palin was Right About Death Panels 08.10.13
Reid: Obamacare Will Lead to Eventual Single-Payer 08.10.13
Harry Reid, Tom Coburn Agree: Obamacare Designed to Fail and Pave Way for Single-Payer 08.10.13
Obamacare: Fines for Charitable Hospitals 08.09.13
Harry Reid: Obamacare A-Hole 08.09.13
Dictator Obama Claims 'Authority' to Change Obamacare 08.09.13
Look at All the Obamacare Mega-Lies! 08.09.13
Poll: 57% Says Obamacare Implementation is a Joke 08.09.13
Obamacare Forces Cuts Elderly & Disabled Services 08.09.13
ObamaCare ‘Death Panel’ Opposed by Democrats 08.08.13
Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana Flee Obamacare Exchanges 08.07.13
- Norquist Urges GOP Leaders to Delay It, Not Kill It
- Obama Personally Negotiates Congress being Exempt from Obamacare
Obamacare IT Security Testing Months Behind Schedule 08.06.13
Doctor's Warning: Prepare for 'Medical Meltdown' 08.05.13
Obamacare Event: Only 1 Person Shows Up 08.05.13
House Votes to block IRS from Enforcing ObamaCare 08.02.13
Obama Makes Us Pay for Lawmaker, Staff Healthcare 08.02.13
Obama to Help Congressional Staffers Avoid Obamacare 08.01.13
- IRS Chief: I Want My Health Care Plan, Not Obamacare
- 77% Says Repeal or Delay
- Georgia Obamacare: 198% Increase in Insurance Prices
- Conservatives to McConnell: ‘If You Fund Obamacare, You Own It!’
User's Guide to Committing Easy Obamacare Fraud 07.31.13
Obamacare will Eliminate 2% of US Full-Time Workforce 07.31.13
Dems Tip Hand: Obamacare's Real Goal is "Single Payer" 07.31.13
Congressional Staffers Freaked Out Over Obamacare 07.30.13
Absurd! Obamacare: Work More, Get Less 07.30.13
Government Shutdown Won’t Affect Obamacare 07.30.13
Watchdog Demands IRS Review Group Promoting Obamacare 07.29.13
Dem Admits Death Panels: "Healthcare Rationing Board" 07.29.13
Detroit Wants to Hand Us All the Bill Via Obamacare 07.29.13
Obamacare Call Center Won't Offer Healthcare Benefits 07.26.13
Planned Parenthood to Access Your Personal Information 07.26.13
GOP Senator on Defunding Obamacare: ‘Dumbest Idea I’ve Ever Heard’ 07.26.13
Independents Favor Obamacare Repeal by 40% Margin 07.26.13
Rules Waived for 1,814 High-Pay Obamacare Bureaucrats 07.26.13
IRS Employee Union: We Don’t Want Obamacare 07.26.13
Obamacare will Violate Existing Privacy Act Law 07.26.13
Obamacare: Just 18% Think Law will Improve Health Care “At Least Somewhat” 07.26.13
Shutdown Showdown at the Obamacare Corral 07.25.13
Obama to Hire Thousands of Fellow Communists at $20-$48 Per Hour to Help with Obamacare Enrollment 07.25.13
GOP Members Not Stopping Obamacare ...Boehner, Too 07.25.13
- Major Health Insurance Company Leaving SC, IN, GA
- $700 Million Obamacare National Marketing Campaign
- Socialist Dem Jim McDermott Blasts Obamacare Rollout
- Small Business Owners will Take Big HIT in 2014
- Once Loyal Dems Steadily Turning Against Obamacare
- Government Shutdown Looms Over ObamaCare
- GOP Coalition to Defund Obamacare Growing
- Small Business Owners will Take Big HIT in 2014
First Commie Asks Racist, Communist Organization to Help Implement Obamacare and Promises Them Barack will Pursue Amnesty 07.23.13
Obamacare’s NSA Branch ...Your Personal Data Going Communist Organizers 07.22.13
Obamacare Data Hub a 'Honey Pot' for ID Thieves 07.22.13
Ex-HHS Head: Stop Obamacare Now - Constitution at Stake 07.22.13
Obamacare: Doctors Heading for the Door 07.21.13
- Obama Lied: HHS Admits You Can’t Keep Your Doctor
- Another Union Fears ‘Destructive Consequences’
- Court Injunction: Gov’t Can’t Enforce Mandate
- Family Premiums Up $1,975 Since Obamacare Passed
- Forcing 72% Increase in Individual Insurance Plan Rates
- Obamacare Will Kill Off at Least 2.3 Million Full-Time Jobs and Put One Million on Welfare
WH Warns Obamacare Exchanges May Be Delayed 07.18.13
Obama Threatens Veto of His Own Obamacare Idea 07.17.13
- 74% of Small Businesses will Fire Workers, Cut Hours
- White House Lies
- Top 5 Implementation Problems
- Purdue University Facing $2.8 Million Obamacare Bill
- Obama Exec Order: Everyone Must be Tested for AIDS
- Employer Mandate Matters Little, Individual Mandate Does
House Labor Committee Questions Obamacare Delay 07.15.13
Duh! Union Leaders Now Say Obamacare will Destroy ‘Health and Well-Being’ of US Workers 07.15.13
Obamacare: America Converting to Part-Time Jobs 07.15.13
Obamacare Exposes Millions to Fraud and Theft 07.15.13
Ted Cruz Introduces Bill To Defund Obamacare 07.13.13
CA Insurance Commissioner - Obamacare: 'Real Disaster' 07.14.13
Drop in Union Support Setback for Obamacare 07.13.13
Oregon Drops $3.2 Million on Fluffy Obamacare Ads 07.12.13
Another Union Turns Against Obamacare 07.11.13
UK Docs Say "Their Obamacare" Worse Than Communist China 07.10.13
Surprise Move! Communist Senator Durbin Calls on Republicans to 'Change and Improve' Obamacare 07.09.13
$BILLIONS IN OBAMACARE FRAUD COMING SOON! ...Relies on Honor System 07.07.13
ABC: Obamacare is a Slow-Motion Train Wreck 07.07.13
Obama Illegally Skips Congress with Obamacare Delay 07.05.13
Obamacare Delay: More Red Ink 07.04.13
WSJ: Obamacare is a Crap Sandwich and We Should've Been More Critical 07.03.13
White House Violates Law with Obamacare Delay 07.02.13

CBS: "Affordable Care Act is a Jalopy They're Trying to Roll Out of the Driveway'

Rep. King: If Obama Wants to Change Health Care Law, 'He Must Come to Congress

Feds Redirect $Billions from Student Loan Program for Obamacare

House to Investigate Decision to Delay Obamacare Employer Mandate

How the Obamacare Fines Work
- U.S. to Delay Obamacare Employer Mandate to 2015
- Obamacare Delay: Deviously Brilliant
- UnitedHealth to Exit CA Individual Insurance Market
- Millions Set to Lose Healthcare, Work Hours
- Obamacare's Future: Harvesting Your Organs
- Dems Try to Suppress Confusion, Hide Cost
- Doctor Closing Practice Because of Obamacare
- Obamacare Bars Catholics from Owning Health Insurance Companies
...Illegal "Law" in So Many Ways
Christian College: No Obamacare Here 07.01.13
Appeals Court: Hobby Lobby Can Challenge Contraception Mandate, and Will Likely Win 06.28.13
Obama's Final Word: Catholics Must Buy/Provide Coverage for Abortion Drugs 06.28.13
HHS Contraceptive Mandate Finalized 1 Day After Court Says It's Probably Unconstitutional 06.28.13
Rep. Asks NFL, NBA to Release Details on Talks with HHS 06.27.13
Hobby Lobby Scores Major Victory Against Obamacare 06.27.13
Red Massachusetts Dems Seeking Obamacare Waiver 06.26.13
American Indians Get Obamacare Waiver 06.26.13
Obamacare: Doctors Switching to No-Insurance Model 06.25.13
School District to Brainwash Kids to Promote Obamacare 06.25.13
- Think NSA Spying Is Bad? Here Comes ObamaCare Hub
- Top Obamacare Official: 'Surprised' if It Starts Well
- Recruiting CommieWood Actors to Sell Obamacare
HHS Running ObamaCare as a Black-Ops Mission 06.24.13
Plan to Spend Obamacare $54 Mil ‘Navigator’ Slush Fund 06.24.13
U.S. Doctors Dumping All Insurance, Charging Less 06.22.13
- Behind Schedule
- Increasingly Unpopular
- No Bid Grants for Planned Parenthood Killers to Promote
Obamacare Already Killing Private Jobs and Gov't Jobs 06.19.13
50,000 Californians Losing Insurance Due to Obamacare 06.18.13
Obamacare Will Share Your Personal Info with State and Federal Bureaucrats 06.17.13
Now Feds Want Your Mental Health Records 06.14.13
Obamacare Forcing Walmart to Hire Only Temps 06.14.13
Dem Rep. John Larson: “Simply Not Fair” to Subject Congress to Obamacare Just Like Everyone Else 06.14.13
Lawmakers, Aides Flee Jobs Due to Obamacare Costs 06.13.13
Obamacare Penalties Estimate: $130 Billion in Fines 06.13.13
Ha! CNN Questions Whether the Affordable Care Act is Affordable 06.13.13
436 HHS Employees had Access to Insider Trading Info 06.10.13
Sebelius Solicitation Violated Ethics Rules 06.10.13
Obamacare: 88% Premium Increase in Ohio 06.10.13
LATEST OBAMA SCANDAL - Secret Sebelius Email Account 06.05.13
Kathleen Sebelius is the Death Panel 06.04.13
Sebelius Admits Begging Companies to Fund Obamacare 06.04.13
CBO: Obamacare Uninsured Never Drops Below 30 Million 06.04.13
SC Poised to Nullify Obamacare 06.04.13
Cheapest Obamacare Plan: $20,000 Per Family ...Insane 06.03.13
2/3rds Unsure If They will Insure Under Obamacare 06.03.13
Soros-Funded Activist: 'I Helped Write Obamacare' 06.02.13
Gov't HHS Website for Young Teen Girls Informs Describes Birth Control, Gay Sex, ‘Mutual Masturbation’ 05.31.13
Obamacare Already Denying Healthcare Coverage for People with Pre-Existing Conditions 05.31.13
IRS Involved in 47 Obamacare Provisions 05.31.13
CA Obamacare: 146% Increase in Health Insurance Costs 05.31.13
AP Warns Obama Lied on Healthcare, Standby for Insurance Cancellation Notices 05.30.13
Senate GOP Wants Sebelius Investigated 05.30.13
Unions Upset at Obamacare (Video) 05.27.13
22-Point Margin - Voters Favor Obamacare’s Repeal 05.26.13
Loophole: Avoid Obamacare, Hire an Illegal Alien 05.25.13
Congress Expands Sebelius Probe ...She's an Admitted Tax Cheat and Personally Took Money from an Abortionist 05.24.13
Maryland Headed for Russian-Style Control of Hospitals 05.24.13
More Unions Oppose Obamacare ...Say Obama Lied on Keeping Insurance You Like ...Millions will Lose Insurance 05.24.13
HHS Shaking Down Companies to Fund Obamacare 05.23.13
Unions Break Ranks on ObamaCare ...Call for Repeal 05.21.13
Sebelius Fundraising Scandal Gaining Traction, Carney Compares Scandal to Obama's Fake Birth Certificate 05.21.13
Obamacare Socks Union Health Plans with 40% Tax 05.15.13
HHS Spending $Billions Without Results 05.15.13
HHS Under Investigation for Illegally Soliciting Donations from Same Companies It Would Then Regulate 05.14.13
100%-400% Obamacare Rate Explosion 05.13.13
Obamacare: Taxpayers Must Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS 05.11.13
Marxist Senator Baucus Retiring Because He’s ‘Fed Up’ With Obamacare 05.11.13
Sebelius Begs Health Executives to Finance Obamacare 05.11.13
Obama: "Mistakes and Hiccups" Coming in ObamaCare 05.10.13
Colorado Health Insurance Exchange Wants Another $125 Million to Implement Obamacare 05.10.13
GOP Refuse to Staff Death Panel ...but Not Blocking Obamacare Funding or Arresting Obama 05.09.13
$150 Million to Teach People How to Enroll in Obamacare 05.09.13
Obamacare: Life or Death Enforced by IRS 05.07.13
Obama Surrenders Obamacare Mandate for Abortion Pill 05.06.13
Circle K Employees Now Part Time Due to Obamacare 05.04.13
SC House Passes Bill Making Obamacare a Crime 05.02.13
Communist Sen. Schumer: Health Insurance Rates Could ‘Go The Through Roof’ Because of Obamacare' 05.02.13
Obamacare Already Hurting Jobs and Paychecks 05.02.13
Business Owners Sue IRS Over ObamaCare 05.02.13
- Doctors Walk Out of Implementation Meeting
- Train Wreck Tax Hike
- Only 35% View Obamacare Favorably
- SC Reps Expect to Pass Obamacare Rejection
Thankfully, Another Obamacare Deadline Missed 04.29.13
25% Increase in Health Insurance Costs Next Year 04.25.13
TX Bill: Allows Doctor-Ordered Patient Deaths 04.24.13
Governments may Push Its Workers to Health Exchange 04.24.13
Multimillion-Dollar PR Campaign to Promote Obamacare 04.23.13
Obamacare Rates Will Soar by 80% 04.18.13
Obamacare Launch: Sebelius Can't Give Baucus Details 04.18.13
Communist Sen. Baucus on Obamacare:
Roofers Union Calls for Repeal of Obamacare 04.16.13
Nation's Biggest Movie Theater Chain Cuts Workweek, Blames ObamaCare 04.16.13
GOP Helping Implement Obamacare 04.16.13
IRS Says Cheapest Obamacare Plan: $20,000 Per Family 04.13.13
Obamacare Focus: “Volume Over Value and Quantity Over Quality.” 04.13.13
Obama Hiking Middle Class Medicare Premiums 04.13.13
Cost of Obamacare Exchanges Doubles to $4 Billion 04.10.13
Obamacare Architect Rockefeller: It's 'Beyond Comprehension' 04.09.13
Video: Dems Very Nervous About ObamaCare 04.08.13
Obamacare to Hire ACORN 04.07.13
Moody’s Chief Economist: Obamacare Killing Jobs 04.06.13
Obamacare: No More Doctors, Nurse Practitioners Instead 04.04.13
Virginia Bill Blocks Obamacare Abortions 04.04.13
Obama Sequester: No Cancer Clinic Care for Thousands 04.03.13
Communist Joe Klein Rails Against
Streamlined ObamaCare Application: 60 Pages 04.03.13
21,000 ObamaCare "Navigators": Union Goons and Activists Paid Up to $48/hour 04.03.13
Perry Doubles Down Against Taking Fed ObamaCare Cash 04.01.13
"Illegal Tax" Lawsuit could Kill Obamacare ...Law is Clear 04.01.13
Obamacare Destined to be a ‘Third-World Experience’ 04.01.13
WH Won't Admit ObamaCare is Increasing Premiums 03.28.13
Senate Communists Vote: Provide Obamacare to Illegals 03.23.13
Senate Votes to Repeal Key ObamaCare Tax 03.22.13
GOP Proposal would Force Obama, Biden into Health Law Exchanges 03.21.13
Physician Entrepreneurs Revolt Against ObamaCare 03.21.13
CVS Orders Workers to Reveal Weight, Health Info 03.21.13
Obamacare Made to Become Single Payer System, ‘They Know It’s Going to Fail’ - GOP Bitching, But No Action 03.20.13
Judge Overturns Exempting Moral Objectors from Mandatory Birth Control Coverage 03.19.13
Catholic Bishops to GOP House: Repeal Obamacare 03.19.13
Obamacare: Group Appointments with Multiple Patients 03.19.13
Media Finally Reports Obamacare Will Raise Your Taxes 03.16.13
Judge: Feds Can’t Make Dominos Offer Birth Control 03.15.13
Obama Cutting Medicare 03.15.13
Communist Agent Boehner Refuses to Stop Obamacare 03.14.13
All Senate Republicans Vote to Defund Obamacare 03.14.13
Cruz: Let's See if Obama's Willing to Shutdown Gov't to Fund Obamacare 03.13.13
Ted Cruz will Use 'Any Procedural Means Necessary’ to Force Vote on Defunding Obamacare 03.11.13
Ryan: House Budget will Assume Obamacare Repeal 03.10.13
Obamacare Death Panels Are Here! 03.08.13
Liar Boehner's Pledge to Stop Obamacare Totally Forgotten 03.08.13
Obamacare 47 New Taxes 03.07.13
Cruz Amendment to Defund Obamacare 03.07.13
Federal Report: Obamacare Killing Jobs 03.06.13
Hope Lives to Kill Obamacare 03.05.13
Only 30 GOP Ask Boehner, Cantor to Defund Obamacare 03.05.13
Conservatives Pushing Boehner, Cantor to Defund Obamacare ...They Won't 03.03.13
700 Pages of Obamacare Regulations 03.01.13
Top Dem Strategist Shocked to Find Her Health Insurance Premiums Went Up Because of Obamacare ...Surprise! 02.27.13
GAO: Obamacare will Add $6.3 Trillion in Debt 02.26.13
RINO Christi Supports Obamacare ...What a Sorry Putz 02.26.13
North Florida Survival Group: Oath - Photos
Nationwide: Survival Groups Forming
- No Coverage for Your Spouse
- Fewer Americans Covered
FL Gov Scott Exposed as RINO Over Obamacare 02.21.13
Obamacare: Universal Dumping Employees' Coverage 02.20.13
Obama Handing Out Free Healthcare to Pakistanis 02.19.13
Businesses Lash Out at Obamacare's Insane Costs 02.18.13
Only 26 States Opt into Obamacare Health Exchange 02.17.13
The Lying Gov't and Its Socialized Healthcare Scam 02.14.13
Dr. Ben Carson On Criticizing Obamacare: "Somebody has to Stand Up to the Bullies" 02.11.13
Socialist Rep. Jim McDermott Grilled on Obama's $2,500 Obamacare Premium Reduction Lie 02.11.13
States Cutting Employee Hours to Avoid Obamacare Costs 02.10.13
Obama Interior Nom Got Obamacare Waiver 02.08.13
Obamacare: 7 Million will Lose Insurance 02.05.13
Legalizing Illegals: $2 Trillion More in Obamacare Costs 02.05.13
Doctor Warns: Obama Taking Over Psychiatry 02.04.13
Obamacare Guarantees Your Personal Info Will Be Used Against You 02.04.13
Retired WA State Supreme Court Justice Fights Linda Jordan's $13,000 Sanctions for Challenging Obama's Forged Identity Documents 02.03.13
Doctors to Obama: You Failed Again 02.03.13
Hospital Refuse to Comply with Obama's Illegal NLRB 02.02.13
Medical Company Blames 'ObamaCare' for 100 Layoffs 02.02.13
IRS Begins Obamacare Implementation 02.01.13
ObamaCare Contraceptive Rule Amendment Panned 02.02.13
Cheapest Obamacare Plan: $20,000/Yr Per Family 01.31.13
Medical Excise Tax: We’re Screwed by Obamacare 01.30.13
HHS Adds $9.1 Billion in New Regs in January 01.26.13
Obamacare Death Panel Logic for Charging Smokers/Obese Up to 50% More for Insurance 01.26.13
Obamacare Violating Rules 01.24.13
USEFUL IDIOTS BURNED! Professors Gets Work Hours Whacked Due to Obamacare 01.22.13
Business Fires 2 Liberals to Cover "Obongocare" Costs 01.20.13
Doctors as Federal Agents 01.18.13
Whole Foods CEO: ObamaCare Worse Than 'Socialism,' It's 'Fascism' ...Negro Hitler 01.16.13
OBAMACARE PREVIEW: UK... 57,000 Patients/Yr Killed without Consent 01.13.13
Obamacare Makes Kid's Braces More Expensive 01.11.13
VA Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli Says Opponents of HHS Mandate “Must Be Willing to Go to Jail” 01.10.13
Wendy's Cuts Hours Due to Obamacare 01.09.13
Hobby Lobby CEO Pens Tragic Letter About Loss of Religious Freedom 01.06.13
Obamacare Layoffs, Hiring Freezes Begin 01.06.13
Obama Revving Up Death Panels 01.01.13
Federal Judge Halts Obama HHS Birth-Control Policy for Domino’s Pizza 01.02.13
Dinesh D’Souza Explains Obamacare's Inverted Morality 12.31.12
Lou Dobbs Explains Obama's and Boehner's Plans Both Result in $25 Trillion in US Debt in 10 Years 12.28.12
Socialized Healthcare: Germany Deporting Elderly and Brits Selling Homes for Healthcare 12.27.12
AETNA: Obamacare will Double Insurance Premiums 12.27.12
Courts: Obamacare Threatens Rights 12.24.12
VIDEO: Get Your Obamacare RFID Chip Implanted 12.26.12
Obama Spends $1/2 Billion to Racially Diversify Heathcare 12.20.12
Obamacare Dem Sticker Shock: $17,500 per Employee/Yr 12.20.12
Socialists Love Killing Old People: France - Belgium 12.18.12
NO MORE MEDICAL PRIVACY ....Gov't Gets It All! 12.18.12
Obama Refuses To Delay Obamacare's Medical Device Tax Despite Bipartisan Requests 12.18.12
Obama’s Electronic Medical Records Scam 12.16.12
Domino’s Pizza Founder Sues Gov't Over Obamacare 12.14.12
Only 15 States Opt to Run Obamacare Exchanges 12.13.12
Obama Lied Big: Obamacare Doubling Insurance Fees 12.13.12
Obama and KGB Organization, the U.N., Agree on Planetary Obamacare 12.12.12
Obamacare: 30-Hours Per Week Jobs 12.11.12
Even Dems Concerned About Obamacare Implementation 12.11.12
Communist GOP Michigan Governor Richard Snyder Embracing ObamaCare 12.10.12
Socialist Obamacare Taxes Start Next Month 12.08.12
Judge Mocks Obama's Contraception Mandate 12.07.12
Oklahoma vs Obamacare 12.07.12
Obamacare Screws the Pooch 12.07.12
Chief Justice John Roberts Rewrote the Affordable Care Act to Rescue It from the Constitution 12.06.12
Obamacare: Are You Ready to Have Your MicroChip Implanted in Your Body? 12.06.12
Obamacare: Medical Device Tax 12.05.12
OBAMACARE: 159 Pages of New Rules Issued 12.03.12
Death Panels/Infanticide Fanciers Stunned at Number of Governors Who Refuse to Finance Obamacare 12.01.12
Obamacare: Largest US Private Employer Drops Health Insurance for New Hires 12.01.12
Domino's: Obamacare Requires 34 Million Nutrition Signs 11.29.12
UK Socialized Healthcare Killing Babies and Elderly 11.28.12
Blue Cross Blue Shield: Insurance Premiums May Double Under Obamacare 11.28.12
Part of Obamacare Goes Back to SCOTUS 11.26.12
UK HEALTHCARE: END OF THE DOCTOR'S SURGERY ...Where Obamacare will Take Us 11.25.12
College Slashes Instructors' Hours to Avoid Obamacare 11.22.12
Obama’s Lying Communist Small Business Chief Says She Hasn’t Heard One Case of Obamacare Hurting Small Business 11.21.12
One Year Until Obamacare Kicks In ....We Must Stop It! 11.20.12
Judge Rules Christian-Owned Hobby Lobby Must Pay for Abortion Drugs & Birth Control 11.20.12
Nazi Holocaust Started with Obamacare-Like Program 11.20.12
DC Obamacare Exchange Wasn't Viable So They're Ilegally Forcing Businesses and Individuals into the Plan 11.19.12
Governors Taking Stand Against ObamaCare 11.19.12
3rd Judge Vetoes Obama's Abortion Pill Mandate 11.17.12
Viral Video Doctor Fired for Opposing Obamacare 11.16.12
Medical Giant Cuts 1,170 Workers Due to Obamacare 11.16.12
US Bishops Vow to Not Obey Obamacare Mandate 11.16.12
Denny's to Charge 5% 'Obamacare Surcharge' 11.15.12
Obamacare will Bankrupt Businesses and Families 11.14.12
Sebelius Suponeaed Over Her Illegal Obamacare Acts 11.14.12
Obama Donor Lays Off Employees Due to ObamaCare 11.13.12
Catholic Leaders: If Obama Pursues HHS Mandate, There is 100% Chance There will be Civil Disobedience 11.12.12
OBAMACARE: Walmart's Healthcare Cost Rise 8 - 36% 11.12.12
GOP Leader Ready to Throw in the Towel on Obamacare and Boehner's Ready to Surrender America ...that was Their Plan All Along. 11.11.12
OBAMACARE: Causing Companies to Slash Worker Hours: Papa Johns - Applebees 11.10.12
Republican Govs Shouldn’t Implement Obamacare 11.10.12
Obamacare ‘Exchange’ Violates Ohio’s Constitution 11.10.12
Obamacare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit 11.09.12
- Real Life Example of How Obamacare will Kill You
- 2nd Judge Halts Enforcement of Obamacare Mandate
New Obamacare Tax Form Mandates Americans Report Personal Health ID Info to IRS
CA Officials: ObamaCare ‘Exchange’ will Hike Premiums Up to 25%
Obamacare Exempts 1/6th of US... The Prisoners, Illegals, and Welfare Recipients 10.31.12